Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Banned From Argo


Keshlam said...


Nicely spliced. Pity there weren't a few more musician shots to intercut, so we didn't get to the point where we could predict every motion in the chorus... but it's still fun.

(Where's that hootenanny scene from, anyway? I don't recognize it, and I think by now I've seen most if not all of Trek Classic...)

Leslie Fish said...

Hi, Kesh. I didn't make the video, but I recognize that shot of the party in the lab; it came from the blooper reel.

--Leslie <;)))><

Tana said...

Love it! The song is hilarious and the clips so fitting.

thnidu said...

As you know, BobXXX Leslie, I've known this song for years (though I'm a comparative newbie in filk, having only come into it in the early nineties), but I've never seen this video before. Hee hee hee!

(Oddly enough, in the light of Keshlam's comment, my captcha string is "hootb".)