Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Copycat", for while I'm gone

Hi, team. I'm heading off Tuesday for California, to sing at Consonance (that's at the Newark, CA Hilton, if anybody's interested), and won't be back for a week. So I thought I'd leave you with this piece to chew on for awhile. Enjoy!

--Leslie <;)))><

by Leslie Fish, © 12/4/08

Looks like a common kitten,
But seen from where I'm sittin'
She's a good bit more than that.
She's a milestone of science,
But a live piece of defiance
Of all we thought we knew of cloning:
Problem Copycat!

Proves that there's much more to growing,
And a lot more that's worth knowing
Than the cloning experts know.
For reality is sloppy;
She's not a perfect copy,
For her donor was a tabby-cat
And she's a calico.

Proves that all the hopes that move 'em
To re-nucleate an ovum
With one from another cell
Are doomed to disappointment.
There's a large fly in the ointment.
Where did that color-gene come from?
Some theoretician's hell!

Serves to warn us to be leery
Of any pretty theory
Whose sole evidence is Math;
For the bumblebee's still flying
For all of Math's denying,
And Nature's sense of humor is
As wicked as her wrath.

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Bellana said...

Hey, Les...

I have the mp3s of the stuff you did at Xmas... This is one of 'em. If you'd like me to put them up so you can link to them, let me know.

~ Bellana