Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi, I'm back!

...And of course, found my computer packed with backlogged email. *Sigh* I've spent the last couple weeks just digging out from under it, even as more came in. Anyway, I'm also circulating a petition -- -- which I hope you'll go and at least have a look at. I'm trying to send it around to all my buddies on Facebook, too, but that's turning into a bit of a laborious mess. *Sigh* My attempts to work Facebook inspired at least one verse of a new song (to the tune of "I Wish I Was An Oscar-Meyer Weiner", if ya please):

"I'm a toddler on the Information Highway,
And I do not know computer stuff at all.
While other people zip around the Internet,
The best that I can manage is a crawl.
I know nothing of programming;
I don't even know the terms.
I can do a thing for viruses,
For spyware or for worms.
I'm a toddler on the Information Hi-igh-way,
And I need a live-in Wizard really bad!"

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Don said...

In a similar vein, I've put the new version of "Downloading" up on my FrostPuma site: