Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Book Reviews

IN CASE THERE'S A FOX by Aya Katz, CreateSpace Publishing

As promised, here's the review on Aya's book. With "In Case There's A Fox" she joins the long and honorable list of parents -- including Rudyard Kipling, A. A. Milne and Dr. Seuss -- who made up bedtime stories for their children that later became children's books. Let's hope Aya's becomes equally successful.

This is a thin little trade-paperback with a glossy cover, illustrations by the author, and a short story in rhyme about a little girl -- who, of course, just happens to have the same name as the author's daughter -- that, when she "goes for walks, In the fields full of phlox, She is always concerned That she might meet a fox". Though the fox never does appear, the little girl goes through various adventures looking for one. The rhymes are smooth and easy, falling into a rhythm designed to lull a child to sleep; the illustrations are likewise softly Impressionistic in gentle, muted colors suggesting dreaminess. In short, this is an ideal bedtime story in solid form. Parents everywhere in the English-speaking world should be grateful for it.

SOUL SURVIVOR by Bruce and Andrea Leininger, from Grand Central Publishing, details one of the best-documented cases of reincarnation that I've ever seen: a World War Two fighter pilot reborn as a little boy in Louisiana in 1998. What makes it so effective is the wealth of confirming detail dug up by the boy's father, who started off as a Christian bigot -- actually saying "Not in my house! There will be no such thing as a past life! Never!" -- that set out to track down the rational source of his little son's nightmares, and ended by convincing himself.

In the father's hunt for the facts, the story turns into a historical mystery tale that reveals vivid details about WWII in the Pacific and the men who served there, not to mention their families, and as the last survivors of The Greatest Generation die off, it's important to collect their stories and remember their world. But beyond that, one of the most powerful scenes in the book comes when the father goes to a WWII veterans' reunion and finally reveals the real reasons for all his research and questions -- and the veterans, and their families, all have tales of their own to tell about their paranormal experiences during the war.

Anyone who insists on doubting that psychic phenomena or reincarnation exist should read this book.


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Dateline December 25, 2010, North Pole:

The political world is reeling from the shocking "Santyleaks"
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* The Reagan-Khomeini October Surprise partnership.
* The deliberate creation, and accidental release, of the AIDS virus at
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* Elite corporate pre-planning of the high-tech stock bubble.
* Massive electronic voting fraud yielding serial stolen elections.
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* Elite corporate pre-planning of the housing mortgage stock bubble and bailout.

Santyleaks also includes:

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* Suppressed evidence of high crimes committed by corporate CEOs,
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Reaction to Santyleaks was mixed. Mr. Kringle had many supporters in
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Rush Limbaugh pronounced the MSM consensus; "Mr. Kringle must be caught and punished! His indiscretion was criminal, and it hasn't changed anything! Why did he have to blab? Everybody knew all this stuff already! Now we've got to talk about it, even though it's true! It'll take months, maybe years, to undo the damage! This stuff endangers our
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A prominent blogger wrote, "Mr. Kringle is an asymmetrical spirit
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Kris Kringle, when asked to comment, said, "Santyleaks is a shiny toy for the nice boys and girls, and a lump of coal for the naughty ones. So be good, for goodness sake!" He added, "Ho, ho, ho!"