Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Baaaaack.

Hi fans, I'm back from the wilds of Ohio. I hadn't been to a MarCon in ten years at least, and I was impressed by the changes. Despite the Depression, MarCon has grown until it filled the local Hyatt and had members spilling over into the hotel next door. There were more than eight tracks of programming, and some serious GOHs. Besides me (blush), there were Eric Flint and Harry Turtledove, whom I ran into at the autograph signing and a couple of panels. The ConSuite ran 24 hours a day for the whole convention, and the food was remarkable.

I had a great time singing at the Friday night filk and the Saturday concert. I'd been told I'd get an hour's concert, so I brought enough songs to fill an hour handily, and only then learned that I had another half hour to go. Well, seeing that a lot of the fen had brought songbooks and laptops, I asked for requests and then for the words, if anybody had them. Finally, I wound up singing "The Horse-Tamer's Daughter", complete with choruses on all 15 verses. The fen loved that, since almost nobody ever sings that pizza-song -- let alone me.

But the really fun part was learning that the Columbus Hyatt had decided to go Pure -- totally non-smoking, anywhere in the hotel or within 20 feet of the door -- only on the plaza outdoors -- but, thanks to their contract with MarCon, they had to reserve one last smoking-room for me. Heheheheheh. So I held a party -- the Last Sin-Pit in the Columbus Hyatt. The signs I put up advertized the party as "All drinking! All smoking! All Politically-Incorrect songs!" The hotel tore down the signs, not liking the reference to either smoking or booze that nobody paid them "corkage" for, but I announced the party at every concert and panel I worked on, and I had a lot of them. *Snicker* The Sin-Pit was very well attended, and went on almost until dawn. Also, judging by the sheer numbers of people out on the smoking plaza at all hours, I daresay that neither the fen nor the Columbus natives are as Pure as the Hyatt's managers like to think.

Footnote: I noticed that a lot of the folks out on the smoking plaza were fascinated by my electric cigarette. Checking the subject later on the Internet, I learned that e-cigarette sales have skyrocketed in the past year. Those pundits who cheerfully claim that most Americans have quit smoking these days have overlooked the ones who simply switched to "vaping".

And by the way, the nasty cold that I got at PantheaCon has lost most of its effects. I've got my range back to three octaves, it's just that my tone at the extreme ends of my range needs more work. Well, it'll get it.

Altogether, MarCon was really great fun, and I hope to get back there soon.

--Leslie <;)))>< )O(


Aya Katz said...

Leslie, I'm glad you had a good time at MarCon and that your voice is back to full range!

Ms. Ogeny said...

Oh my, I am very sad that I missed you singing "The Horse-Tamer's Daughter" :( I suppose it wasn't recorded at the event, eh? Oh well, glad to hear you're getting better. Stay healthy :)

Aya Katz said...

BTW, how come you called Horsetamer's Daughter a "pizza song"?

Mark Horning said...

Because you can order pizza and have it delivered before the song is over.

Anonymous said...

Leslie, since most people's problems with cigarette smoke is the tar and other nasty stuff that simply isn't present in e-cigarette smoke(which is, IIRC, basically water vapor) and make secondary smoking concerns almost negligible. I therefore think it's a shame they're classified the same as regular cigarettes in most places when it comes to smoking prohibition.

Leslie Fish said...

Hi, Og. Oh, "The Horse-Tamer's Daughter" was certainly recorded; I saw more Ipods and Blackberries facing me than I could count.

Hi, Anton. Yes, the opposition to e-cigs reveals that the whole point of Niggerizing smokers is not health but power and money. The dangers of smoking have been wildly exaggerated (to the point where all heart-attack and stroke deaths are blamed on cigarettes, whether the deceased smoked or not!), and the provable health benefits of smoking have been suppressed. I mentioned this in one of my earlier posts, at greater length.

Blogger said...

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