Sunday, August 14, 2011


(Understand that I really do hope Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination, which is why I’m sending him this.)

Dear Senator Paul:

I notice that you came in second to Michelle Bachmann, in the Iowa Straw Poll, by only 200 votes – despite the fact that she and her backers out-spent your campaign by millions. I think you would have beaten her anyway if it weren’t for one small problem with your proposed foreign policy.

You seem to have swallowed completely the Liberal idea that all those foreigners couldn’t possibly hate us unless we’d done them some great wrong, somehow. It never seems to occur to you that there really are cultures based on spite – I name no names – that hate any other society which is richer, freer, happier, healthier and more powerful than their own, and is nothing like theirs. They see that as an unbearable insult and hate us for it, not for any actual harm we’ve done them.

In fact, a careful study of real history – not just the interpretations of political pundits – will show that we haven’t done that much harm to the Third World countries who are doing the most complaining. Yes, forty years ago, we backed the Shah in his bid for leadership of Iran – but he was, in fact, the legitimate heir to the throne and he promised (besides faithful anti-communism) to modernize his painfully backward country, which in truth he did. Likewise, for twenty years we had dealings with Mubarik – but he was put in power by the Egyptians themselves, and once he was president of Egypt we had no choice but to deal with him. Yes, we give trade and aid to Israel, but we give far more to the Arab countries; and haven’t we made far more demands of Israel than of other countries? Who else have we pressured to give up land to their open enemies?

We must give up the naïve assumption that all other countries, societies and governments think just like us – for there are many that do not. There are all too many governments/countries/societies that want nothing less than to conquer the world and kill everyone they can’t enslave. We can’t give these countries what they want, and we only encourage their hopes by conceding anything to them at all. It’s worse than hypocrisy for them to insist that we harm or wrong them by not giving them everything they demand.

So how are we to deal with countries/governments like these? Our attempts at conciliation, “globalism” and appeasement obviously haven’t worked, so there are only two choices left: outright opposition or isolationism. If we’re going to choose isolationism, then we’ll have to draw boundaries which Libertarian theory won’t approve of. We’ll have to give alliance, aid and trade only to those countries which are proven friends, and refuse it to those who aren’t. At least, we’ll have to slap tariffs on countries that pay their laborers less than the American minimum wage, so as to raise the price of their goods and services to an equal level with those countries which do pay at least minimum wage. Also, we must pass a law insisting that only American citizens or companies can own American land. We’ll have to seriously fortify our borders, and we’ll have to eject all illegal immigrants. We’ll also have to deport or exile everyone acting on behalf of hostile foreign countries – and where better than to Mecca?

In any case, we’ll have to keep intelligence sources in all the other countries of the world, simply to tell when their spite reaches the point where they definitely will attack us – or our allies. Israel, despite the shabby way we’ve treated it, has always been our most reliable ally in the middle-east; what will we do if – or when – Iran drops a nuke on Tel Aviv? What will we do when those spiteful cultures directly attack us? Sooner or later, we will have to declare open and total war on them, simply because they won’t leave us alone otherwise, no matter how carefully we leave them alone. Yes, war with those spiteful countries is, sadly, inevitable – and not through any sins of our own.

Senator, you really have to think hard about this. You have to come up with a realistic foreign policy, and then tell the American public about it. That’s all it will take to bring you in first next time.

--Leslie <;)))>< Fish


Aya Katz said...

Leslie, I,too, hope Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination and is elected president. I, too, am not an isolationist, and am in favor of all out war, when necessary. I love your song, "The Son is Also a Warrior" and just finised listening to it yet again, before I came here to read your blog. But I can't agree with everything you say, only some of it.

For instance, the United States has not helped Israel by giving it money. It used that money to help the worst elements come to power in Israel. Far better if the the US had not interfered at all. Then Israel could have policed the middle east unhampered, and once it conquered a strip of land, using the blood of fallen heroes to earn it, it would never give it back. There would be no need for US intervention, and the world would be safe for "democracy." US money has corrupted and weakened Israel.

Secondly, it is important to recognize who our enemies are, and not to paint all Moslems, or all Arabs, or even all tyrants with the same brush.

Saddam Hussein was a despicable man, but he was not behind 9/11 and to use that terrorist event as a pretext to invade his country and topple his regime was a very big mistake. It was just what the terrorists wanted! They hated Saddam, too, because he was not a good worshipper of Allah.

Not to recognize the differences between and among our enemies is not a wise policy. Not to see that sometimes we have a common interest with someone we don't like can have fatal repercussions.

Ori Pomerantz said...

Can I get you to argue on my facebook page? I linked to this, and I have a reasonable liberal who is worth debating for you to argue with.

Mark Horning said...

1) Ron Paul is a Congressman, not a Senator.

2) Senator Paul is his Son.

Anonymous said...

Not getting involved in every two-bit quarrel on earth does not equate to Tokugawa-style isolation. We got along far better when we kept our noses out of foreign quarrels, unless we were directly involved somehow.

Anonymous said...

Obama wanted to pull out of all those conflicts too. I have a feeling that once Ron Paul has more information about the way the world currently works he'll have to develop a more rational foreign policy.