Sunday, November 20, 2011

Wedding Follow-Up

Hello everybody! Yes, the wedding went off without a hitch. Mark and Jennifer Horning took pictures -- a good 217 of them -- which can be seen here:

Search among the musicians; Mark is the guitar-player in the tan kilt, with pockets, Mary Creasey is the guitar-player in the long skirt and glasses and head-scarf, and Tom Tuerff is the one with the woolly hair. The minister/priestess is my old Chicago buddy Christa Landon, one of the founders of the Council of Unitarian Universalist Pagans. If you were there, see if you can spot yourself in the crowd. The lighting looks a bit odd because the wedding was held technically outdoors but under a big semi-translucent cloth pavilion-roof; we didn't know what the weather was going to be like, and this was the best indoor/outdoor compromise we could find.

Rasty's daughters Sheryl and Jolene did the catering for the reception, and I'd say they did a bang-up job. We're still finishing up the leftover food, a week later! I swear, we must have put on ten pounds from the wedding-cake alone, never mind the cheesecake and shrimp-plate and champagne and... well, plenty. BTW, Ron Gluck, who couldn't get to the wedding, made and sent the chocolate-chip cookies that we used for the "cakes" in the Cakes and Wine segment of the ceremony. Mmmm, tasty!

As for the groom, I first met Rasty 20 years ago in Berkeley, at a Pagan celebration hosted by Isaac Bonewits. By that time he'd already been a motorcycle racer, construction contractor, racing-greyhound kennel-master and electronic sound engineer, and was busy on another career as, hm, an underground chemist, so we had plenty to talk about. A couple years ago he retired and moved down to Phoenix to be near his daughter, and we ran into each other again and hit it off. We've been sharing an apartment for the last year, and now we're looking for a cheap house to buy in Arizona's bottom-level real estate market. With luck (improved now that we're technically a married couple), we'll find something in the next six months. Cross fingers!

In short, a good time was had by all -- and I expect a happy future.

--Leslie <;)))>< )O(


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, and may you find the perfect house and yard (and location!) for you.

Mark Horning said...

Good luck with the house hunt. We just sold the old house in Apache Junction for less than we bought it for in 2001. Prices are roughly near 1998-1999 levels right now.

I suspect you could get a great price in Phoenix, Mesa, or Glendale these days.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to him, best wishes to you, and positive vibrations coming from my direction!

Ori Pomerantz said...

Mazal Tov!

Anonymous said...

P.S. Find a walkable neighborhood where there are stores and a post office and a library, if you can. I expect gas prices to go through the roof, not to mention the gods aren't making any more of the stuff. Besides, such neighborhoods are nicer even if they're sometimes not as pretty. (And even if the teenagers look menacing. Puppies, practicing to be wolves.)

Just my $0.02 even though the one I'm in is now gentrifying at a disgusting rate of speed.

Pat from Albuquerque

Aya Katz said...

Congratulations! And happy house hunting!

Ravan Asteris said...

Congratulations, Leslie!! Hope you guys find a nice piece of real estate to settle in. Hopefully you guys'll make it to P-Con and Consonance this year!