Saturday, November 26, 2011


It's that time again!

For more than 20 years I’ve been breeding Oriental Shorthair cats for intelligence, disease-resistance, and psychic ability – and my current collection of cats has them all. For tales of the adventures of some of my cats, see:

The Oriental Shorthair breed was derived primarily from the Siamese, so these little imps have the faces, voices, slender body-builds and personalities of Siameses, but they also come in other colors. At present, my cats are either “colorpoint” – Siamese style – or coal black. They have eyes ranging in color from pale blue to chartreuse-green. Yes, they’re beautiful creatures.

Right now I have a bunch of these super-intelligent cats who need homes: four little tom-kittens just one month old, three black and one colorpoint. I’ll give them free, along with their pedigrees, biographies and instruction manuals, to any serious cat-loving Pagan who’s willing to take one. Please get hold of me at or 602-373-0320, afternoons and evenings.

--Leslie <;)))>< Fish --

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I was in a position to take one.