Sunday, June 10, 2012

Shameless Plug

Hey guys! My long-awaited Pagan CD, "Avalon is Risen", is finally back from the duplicators and is now shipping as of today. If you like my music, buy this CD! Pagan or not, you'll find songs that you'll love -- and the recordings are definitely some of the best I've ever made. The publisher is also offering a 25% discount on their other filk CDs purchased along with this album, valid through 6/15.

You can listen to and buy the album at:

Check it out!

Seriously, team, I just got my contributor's copies today, and I'm just drooling over the splendid job that Eli and Kristoph did on this. I don't think my voice and guitar have ever sounded better on any recording I've done, and that's not counting the really lovely back-up tracks. I'm just purring over how good it sounds.

And then there's the rare bit of luck, getting Bradley Schenk to do the artwork. If anybody remembers the original tape-casette album of "Cold Iron", and the songbook that was made from it, Bradley did the artwork on that, too. I've never seen anyone like him for doing Celtic knotwork, and in full color, yet.

About the songs: okay, this was originally going to be the CD reissue of my old Pagan/Fantasy tape-casette album, "Chickasaw Mountain", but some of the songs on the old album were Misty Lackey poems that I'd put music to, and Misty has been getting cranky in recent years about her old collaborations. We probably could have gotten mandatory mechanical licenses for them, but rather than deal with the whole legal hassle, we decided to drop them and add some new songs. Since that meant a technically different album, we gave it a new name and a lot of different arrangements. Personally, I think this made the album a helluva lot better. Well, when sh!t happens, make fertilizer and plant crops.

To all you fans who were disappointed when I didn't have this album for PantheaCon, it's here at last. Yes, in another month or two it'll be available through Random Factors and Ancient Ways, but right now you can get the discount by ordering it through Prometheus Music. Such a deal you don't get every day!

As to how magically effective these songs are, I've made note of the ones that can be used for such purposes. Hopefully, if this album sells well, we can go on to make the next two that we have planned: "Missa Paganus" and "Real Magic", about which more later.


--Leslie <;)))>< )O(


Mark Horning said...

If I foolishly drive out to the Tyra's this Saturday I shall buy a copy from Mary.

BTW, you ever replace the T-bird? I'm selling the big green F-250 and would give you the friends and family discount.

Leslie Fish said...

Hi, Mark. You can get copies from Mary at RF, or from Eli at Prometheus, directly. Good hunting.

No, I haven't replaced the T-Bird. By all means, tell me about the F-250! What year, what price, what condition, etc., etc. Get me at my email address with the details. Yum!

--Leslie <;)))>< )O(

Aya Katz said...

I haven't bought the CD yet, but I plan to get it next month for my birthday. I have enjoyed listening to the free samples, especially "The Gods Are Not Crazy"! I shared the link on my FB.

Mark Horning said...

Les, e-mail sent.

CD sounds great from what I have heard. I told Eli I'd buy it for no other reason than "The Arizona Sword".

Antinomic said...

Leslie, I just finished listening, and it was great. One of your best!
Keep up the good work.