Thursday, February 21, 2013


Let's get real, folks, and look at the facts.

America has the third largest population of any country in the world.  The biggest, of course, is China – with 1.5 billion people.  Second is India – with 1.2 billion.  Both those countries are trying desperately to reduce their populations, and having little luck at it.  Third is the US – with 311 million that we know about, and possibly another 10-20 million illegal immigrants that we don't know about. 

Our physical, social and economic resources are already straining at the seams, as any ecologist or social worker can tell you.  We have only so much farmable land, only so much drinkable water, our wildlife preserves are endangered, and we're beginning to strain at feeding the population we have.  We can't keep taking in half a million immigrants every year.

We can't take in 40% of the population of Mexico, which is the number that wants to come here.  We can't take in all the poor people in the world.  We simply can't do it.  We have to stop taking in everybody, and reduce the population we already have.

There is now and always has been a "quick track to citizenship", and nowadays it's open to women too – that is to join our military.  Join the military, serve for two years, come out a citizen and with military benefits.  How many illegal immigrants have done it?  We have to ask if citizenship is really what they want. 

The "immigration reform" we need is a moratorium on all immigration for the next five years.  We also have to fortify our borders and prevent any more illegal immigrants from coming in.  We can close most of our overseas military bases, bring back the troops therein, and put them to patrolling the borders. 

We also have to go ahead and round up all the illegal immigrants currently hiding out in America, and send them home – or at least to the nearest country that will take them.  Yes, by all means, let them take with them all the goodies they got and all the money they made here in goody-land;  they'll need a grubstake when they get home.  In fact, let's also give every last one of them – man, woman and child – a parting gift: a box containing a sturdy revolver, ten boxes of fitting ammunition, a fitting cleaning-kit, and an instruction book – profusely illustrated – written in the immigrants' native language.  They'll need that to hold on to their grubstakes when they get home.

Where should we send them?  If they're from Latin America, send them to Mexico.  If they're from Africa, send them to Haiti – and start building some industries there;  heaven knows, there's plenty of cheap labor in Haiti!  If they're from Arab countries, send them straight to Mecca – where all good Muslims want to go, anyway.  Besides, with the money they bring with them, they can be rich in Mexico, or Haiti, or Arabia, instead of poor here.

No, it's not impossible to round them all up.  The illegal immigrants haven't exactly been secretive about where they're staying;  if we send out the police to surround and then search door-to-door in those neighborhoods, we can find the vast majority of them.  It won't take terribly long to move out from there and find the rest.  To put it the worst way, if the Nazis, 70 years ago, could round up 99% of the Jews in Europe and send them off to the killing-camps, we can certainly round up at least 99% of the illegal immigrants in America today and send them off to countries where they, and their money, will be welcome.

Anyone not a citizen, or not already formally enrolled in the process of getting citizenship – including in the military – must go, and nobody else can come in for another five years.  

We have to do it, or go the way of India and China;  it's that simple.

--Leslie <;)))><        


Ori Pomerantz said...

There is now and always has been a "quick track to citizenship", and nowadays it's open to women too – that is to join our military. Join the military, serve for two years, come out a citizen and with military benefits.

Sorry, but no. Primary source evidence.

Leslie Fish said...

Hi, Ori. The precious Green Card covers that, and the Green Card can be gotten by a "Guest Worker" quite cheap. Also, in the last two years, the army has shown itself willing to accept folks without it; the army's main concern is that the recruit must know enough English to understand orders. Funny how the law gets flexible when the govt. or powerful corporation wants cheap labor.

Ori Pomerantz said...

Green cards weren't particularly easy to get as guest workers when I tried in the late 90s. It may have changed.

Once you have the green card you don't have to do anything else. Just live in the US for five years and you can get citizenship.

Prof. Godel Fishbreath, Otter said...

I am posting this link as many libertarians are more on the conservative side than on the liberal side.
The liberal side is concerned about liberty too. Yeah it generally does so by making more laws, which goes against libertarianism.
Anyway check out that link, it is not hostile.

Last Knight said...

If we're handing out free firearms and ammunition, we should prolly hand them to citizens first. =/

Anonymous said...

The US as a whole is not water stressed (it borders the great lakes with 20% of the worlds fresh water) and has considerably more arable land per capita than the world average. I'd say if you want to reduce ecological problems you should relax immigration controls and encourage mexicans to fly into O'Hare airport rather than sneaking over the border into the part of the US that is water stressed. If you want to prevent food shortages slowly replace farm subsidies with tarrifs on subsidised european agricultural products. Once Americans pay realistic costs for food that should reduce meat consumption enough to ensure there aren't any food shortages. You'd also need to raise minimum/prison wage to ensure prisoners don't undercut a living wage.