Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Most-Filmed Manhunt in History

(I had originally planned to tell the funny tale of the Weenie-Wagger in the Window, but current events took precedence.  I'll get to the Weenie story next week, promise.)
The bombing of the Boston Marathon managed to do the almost-impossible;  it broke the media's (and several unscrupulous politicians') carefully-nurtured four-month hysteria campaign, using the Newtown school shooting to push for more federal gun-control laws.

This shift isn't surprising, considering how totally insane the bombing was.  I can't think of any activity more apolitical, religiously neutral or inoffensive than the Boston Marathon.  The only possible reason for bombing the race would be to harm as many innocent people as possible, and who on Earth would want to do that?

Well, I can make some guesses. 

Though nobody publicly took credit for it, foreign correspondents reported Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaida, Islamic Jihad and other Jihadist groups in the middle-east publicly celebrating the attack, handing out candies and dancing in the streets, and howling "America is ruined!"  "Boston is paralyzed!"  "Allah is making the West suffer!"

The physical evidence also showed ties to Jihadist terrorists;  the bomb was an IED of the type commonly used by Jihadists in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel.  As the Boston police commissioner announced, after describing the nature of the bomb, "Draw your own conclusions."  That conclusion wouldn't be difficult, seeing that Jihadists are notorious for attacking innocent and politically totally-unrelated targets – often for no other reason than to shock and dismay, they hope, whole populations.  American politicians and media know better, which is why they've been doing their damndest to deflect America's rage and demand for vengeance away from anything remotely Muslim. 

That's probably why the Boston police commissioner didn't say anything more than that;  no doubt he was muzzled by his political bosses.  The Liberal news pundits, and politicians, promptly tried to blame the bombing on "domestic anti-government groups", sometimes going to ridiculous lengths.  Chris Matthews noted: "(It's) Tax Day…  But of course it's Patriots' Day.  It's also the Boston Marathon.  And would you as an expert be thinking domestic (terrorists) at this point?"  House minority whip Steny Hoyer (Democrat, Maryland) blamed the bombings on "irrational" security cuts caused by the "sequestration".  MSNBC host Lawrence O'Donnell claimed that "lobbyists from the NRA have made it harder for the FBI to find the murderer who planted the bombs…" because "The NRA has successfully blocked any requirements for such (identification) taggants in gunpowder" – and this last was said after the Chechnyan brothers had been identified as the bombers. 

Even after the suspects had been respectively shot and captured, even after the FBI announced that the elder and dominant brother had spent six months of 2012 in Chechnya, even though it's common knowledge that the population of Chechnya is predominantly Muslim, government agencies and the media scrupulously avoided saying the word "Muslim" anywhere near any mention of the brothers – even though the public can readily draw its own conclusions. 

Also interesting is that the Boston police thanked the public for its assistance in identifying and capturing the bombers, while the FBI and the media made no mention of the civilians' immense role in the manhunt.  In fact, it was all those cameras – security cameras in stores along the marathon's route, video-cameras and cell-phone cameras in the hands of all those watchers, thousands of them, voluntarily given to the police – that picked up images of the Chechnyan Brothers planting those bombs in the mailbox and trash-can, thus allowing the FBI to identify them and post their pictures on the news.  From that feedback, it was the civilian who owned the boat that the younger brother took refuge in, and who reported it to the police, that resulted in the capture.  Thanks to all those pictures, this manhunt was amazingly short: less than five days, from start to finish.  This was certainly the most-photographed crime, and manhunt, in American history – thanks to thousands of civilians – and that's what made it one of the shortest manhunts in history.  You'd think the federal government would acknowledge that fact.

Instead, politicians and media are still trying to drag popular attention back to its deflated argument for new federal gun-control laws.  They may find that difficult, now that the Newtown hysteria has been wiped out by the marathon massacre – and its vivid proof that gun-control does nothing to guarantee the public safety. 

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Paradoctor said...

Justice is best when swift and certain. The cops and a crowd of camera phones worked wonders together. No Bush-era police state stuff; just ordinary police work.

I wouldn't read too much into this, especially for policy changes. My assessment is that of their uncle's; two losers.

Ori Pomerantz said...

Arab culture is huge on bluster, so it is unlike them to not take "credit". This led me to think it wouldn't be Islamic terrorists. I didn't think it would be Chechens who are Muslims but not Arab. Know any good crow recipes?

I don't think the FBI is happy about the fact that law enforcement relies so much on the general public. They'd rather things were left to the experts (such as the FBI). This is regardless of whether that would work better or not.

Leslie Fish said...

Hi, Nat. The problem with Muslim losers is that there's always some evil mullah waiting in the wings to promise them paradise if they'll just kill enough infidels.

Hi, Ori. I've noticed that the FBI tends to protect the policies of Democrat administrations, and the CIA does the same for Republican ones. Since the Dems are very big on letting Big Nanny govt. do everything for poor little you, they certainly wouldn't mention the effectiveness of civilians. Besides, police organizations in general don't like it revealed that citizens just might be able to do without them. The Boston police commissioner was unusually honest, maybe because he really was caught up in the fervor to be efficient and catch the actual Bad Guys.