Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Faith Unto Idiocy

As a sidebar to my previous posts, it must be admitted that it isn't just Arabs who will cling to a precious fanaticism in defiance of facts.  When sufficiently wedded to a self-serving faith, anybody can do it.

Case in point, Megan Kelly -- who has made herself a laughingstock all over the media for claiming it's "obvious" that both Santa Claus and Jesus were/are "White".  In fact, she's only 3/8ths correct, at best.

Let's start with the real, historical Jesus.  He lived and died in first-(obviously!)-century Judea, his parents were Jewish, and so were their ancestors -- as the bible takes pains to point out -- all the way back to King David.  First-century Jews were definitely Semitic.  There are facial reconstructions done on first-century Jewish skulls -- there's at least one on YouTube -- which show that, in life, these folks looked very much like modern Semitic Arabs.  There's no mention in the bible that Jesus looked remarkably different from his cronies and neighbors.  Therefore, Jesus was about as "White" as the average Iraqi cab-driver.

Santa Claus is a different case.  He's based on two sources, one historical and one mythical: the historical Saint Nicholas, and the mythical "jolly old elf, Kris Kringle" who lives at the North Pole and rides around during the Winter Solstice in a flying sleigh pulled by flying reindeer.

Now, Saint Nicholas -- also called Nikolaos of Myra -- was a historic fourth-century Christian saint and Greek (Byzantine) Bishop of Myra, in Lycia (part of modern-day Turkey), who was famous for his charity, especially to children.  That was before the major Arab and Turkish invasions, so the Lycians were somewhere between Aryan and Semitic.  Nikolaos might have "passed" for White, but only if Kelly is willing to be very tolerant and wink one eye at "Mediterranean" types.

The mythical Kris Kringle, on the other hand, has good claim to be not only White but Norse -- very Norse.  Many inhabitants of cold northern countries rode about in sleighs during the winter, but only the Norse, Lapps and Finns trained reindeer to pull them.  The pre-Christian Norse revered the evergreen tree, particularly at the Winter Solstice, when they would decorate a fir or pine with lights, symbolizing the sun -- sympathetic magic, intended to transmit the tree's strength into the weak sun -- and with symbols of good fortune that they wished for: such as snug houses, fat livestock, healthy children, and gold.  The Norse also had a legend that Odin, king of the gods and master of wisdom, would wander the countryside in winter, checking on the well-being of his worshippers, rewarding the good and punishing the bad.  In honor of Odin, they would visit their neighbors and give presents, as well as holding feasts to ensure that everyone in the community had enough to eat.  Sound familiar?  Yes indeed, Kris Kringle was White -- and much older than Christianity.  From grim gray one-eyed Odin the Wanderer to jolly fat white-haired Kris (with both eyes) is a moderately long step, but even a god can mellow with age.

So there it is;  Jesus wasn't exactly White, and Santa Claus wasn't entirely Christian.  Those are the facts, ma'am.  Live with it, or continue to prove you're a self-made idiot.

 --Leslie <;)))><  )O(      



Paradoctor said...

Jesus's parents were Jewish? Well, his mother was, God knows who his dad was.

Race, like fundamentalism, is a modern construct; back in the day they had other bigotries.

As for Santa's whiteness; he's a magical elf, he's clairvoyant, telepathic, supersonic; so why not chameleonic as well? Able to change his skin-tone in the twinkling of an eye? Zip, he's white, zip, he's black, zip, he's Hispanic. Easy as pi.

Leslie Fish said...

Pi is not easy!

Paradoctor said...

I mean pi as in pied type. Entropy needs no maintenance.