Monday, May 5, 2014

Follow-Up on the Cliven Bundy Caper

Granted that Cliven Bundy is an ignorant old fool.  Ignorant: nobody has used the term "Negro" in nearly 50 years, and nobody has picked cotton by hand in the US in more that 20 years.  Fool: he should have seen the writing on the wall 20 years ago, and sold out like all the other ranchers in Clark County, Nevada.

It just so happens that my husband Rasty knows an ex-rancher in Clark County, right down near the Utah border, near Bundy's land.  This old buddy, who shall remain nameless, saw what was happening in Clark County a good long time ago -- and took much smarter steps.  He made a deal with the local Paiute Indians, got a grant from the US government, and turned a big chunk of his land into a "resort" -- complete with casino, run by the Paiutes.  From the rents thereof, he made enough money to afford full-time irrigation (a serious consideration, out here in the Great Southwestern Desert) so he could turn the rest of his land to farming.  He now farms (you guessed it!) melons, just like Cliven Bundy.  The melon really is a desert plant, but it needs a certain amount of water.  This clever ex-rancher found a way to pay for the water to raise the melons, so as to keep him on his family's land.

Bundy is an old fool who tried to keep on raising cattle, on land that the government wanted.  Yes, there's good evidence for that.  Consider:


By Susan Duclos

"(Before It’s News Exclusive) Public land records obtained by Before It’s News show a corporate entity partially owned by Senator Harry Reid is the owner of over 93 acres of undeveloped land within several miles of the Clliven Bundy ranch. Reid Bunkerville, LLC is listed as the current owner of four parcels of land on the west side of Bunkerville are within several miles of the Bundy ranch. This area appears to be slated for development in the future. 

While this will be explained, parcels numbers provided along with ownership proof, it is encouraged for everyone reading to go through the information, the documents provided, visit the links and come to their own conclusions, because this is just the data from public records. 

It tells a story of a man, Cliven Bundy, seemingly in the way of some lucrative business deals. 

Below are the parcel numbers of land which the Clark County Assessors Office lists as owned by Reid Bunkerville, LLC, who coincidentally updated their company records on April 17, 2014. The parcel map with ownership data will be shown for the three parcels Reid Bunkerville, LLC owns,  below the linked parcel numbers. 

REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-901 #002-26-301-002

REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-004

REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-301-005

REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001


While this will be explained, parcels numbers provided along with ownership proof, it is encouraged for everyone reading to go through the information, the documents provided, visit the links and come to their own conclusions, because this is just the data from public records.


To put some of this into context and to provide readers a starting point on why parcels and ownership listings are not only important but should be researched extensively, please note that three of those four parcel numbers above are listed as Bunkerville jurisdiction, where Mr. Cliven Bundy’s ranch is located. 

Parcels above and below are listed as owned by USA, jurisdiction listed as Mesquite, two examples of that shown below.

USA #002-26-202-001

USA #002-26-301-001


The last one listed above for Reid Bunkerville, LLC, (REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001) directly borders another parcel in Bunkerville, and shows the “owner” as Bureau of Land Management (BLM), not the USA as the examples above are.

REID BUNKERVILLE L L C DST-800 #002-26-701-001



According to descriptions of the BLM, their job is to “administer” or “manage” public lands, yet they are listed as “owners” of the parcel directly connected to the Reid Bunkerville parcel."


There's more information at the website.  This is besides the attempted deal, which fell through, that Reid brokered with the Chinese solar-electric company.


It gets more interesting still.  Over the past few days a lot of Bundy's supporters, fearing a sneak attack on his ranch, took to patrolling the nearby roads to stop passing drivers and ask where they were going.  They didn't stop drivers from continuing on their way, but only asked who they were and where they headed.  The Nevada governor trumpeted loudly, with Harry Reid enthusiastically backing him up, that only police have the right to stop drivers on the road and ask them for ID, and that these "outsiders" (he stopped just short of calling them "outside agitators"!) -- who came mostly from other towns and neighboring counties -- were "intimidating" the local folk by wearing "guns!" openly on their belts (and of course nobody, including cowboys, wears guns on their belts in Nevada).  One telling comment he made was that the town of Bunkerville, just outside the Bundy ranch, has "only 1200 residents".  Hmmm.  Yet a week earlier Reid's supporters were claiming that Bundy's cows were actually a menace because they ranged "onto private property, onto the golf course".


Wait a minute.  A "golf course", in a town of "1200 residents"?  


A little more internet searching revealed that the town also includes a "resort", which has a golf course.  Oh, that explains it.  


It explains quite a bit, actually.  The BLM was supposed to "manage" the public lands "in trust" for the American people.  Instead, it's been "developing" the land for the use of, and for the benefit of, rich investors and politicians.  Very few ranchers -- or farmers, for that matter -- qualify in that category.  Here in the Great Southwestern Desert, ranchers need to rotate their herds on the public lands because they can't afford enough water (which costs a lot more than grazing rights) to plant their own land with pasture-grass that can feed their herds on their own lands.  This gives the BLM all the power it needs to force out farmers and ranchers so as sell or rent those public lands to the big rich -- unless those farmers and ranchers have the money or pull to "develop" their own lands and make the big money themselves.  


This has, in fact, been going on for many years.  I can tell you about how a rancher named Dobson was clever enough to turn his land into the town of Mesa, Arizona (where I used to live), for example.  Dumb old Cliven Bundy just wasn't smart enough to see which way the wind was blowing.  Maybe he should have consulted an investment broker instead of trying to keep on raising cattle.



Aya Katz said...

Hi, Leslie.

I'm not sure what your point is. "Negro" is just a word meaning black. It is no longer politically correct, but there is no dishonor in that word. It doesn't imply anything bad, not about the person being described nor about the person using it.

Picking cotton is no longer done by hand, but you admit that twenty years ago it still was. We may all be picking cotton by hand again very soon and spinning and weaving our own cloth after the great collapse. There is no dishonor in that, either. Back in 1800 almost every household did.

I certainly hope that we are not all "fools" if we decide not to sell out. Or was this a tongue-in-cheek way to say you still support the Bundy clan in its fight against big government?

Leslie Fish said...

Hi, Aya. Yes, tongue very far in cheek. Bundy made some politically very naive and ignorant comments, which the media happily jumped on as "racist", as part of their demonizing campaign, and it did cost old Bundy a good amount of support. It's clear that, if you're going to do anything remotely political, you have to know how to beat the media at their own game.