Monday, October 27, 2014

A New Idea on Illegal Immigration

It's no great secret that the federal government doesn't like the state of Arizona, for a lot of historical reasons, which is why the Supreme Court stretched so hard to find something/anything wrong with our controversial SB 1070 anti-illegal-immigration bill.  It's also no great secret that the federal government has no intention of stiffening our cobweb border or stopping illegal immigration -- the Republicans because they want the cheap labor, and the Democrats because they want the cheap votes.  It's surprising but true that the Constitution does not say that anyone voting in an American election must be an American citizen.  States that try to fix that lapse get serious discouragement from the current -- Democrat -- federal administration, as we've seen.

So what's to do?  Arizona has been a major highway for illegals -- to the tune of 100,000 to 500,000 per year -- for the last decade, and the strain is beginning to tell.  The state clerks used to keep records of how many welfare recipients, inhabitants of our jails, and arrested criminals were illegal immigrants -- until the ACLU claimed this was "racist" and made them stop -- and the number was far greater than their percentage of the population.  Our physical and social resources are stretched to the limit, the state is seriously in debt, and no end in sight.  We simply can't take in any more illegals, and have to find an effective way to keep them out.

So here's my idea.  First, the state hire some surveyors to go to the national border and mark exactly where it is.  Second, they then measure ten yards in from that border, and draw another line there.  Third, the state government scrapes up the money to pay for a real, serious, impassible fence -- maybe one made of I-beams, such as a lot of ranchers and Navahos living on the border have already constructed for a good ten miles -- back it up with a solid earth berm and patrol it regularly, preferably with police hired from the Navaho tribes.  Between the two fences, pave a road running east and west across the state, from California to New Mexico and a few miles further if those states are willing;  in any case, where the Arizona border turns north, the wall should follow -- for much longer than the distance the road would take to reach the nearest California or New Mexico town.  Where there are roads through the federal border, the Arizona wall will have passageways also -- but with its own checkpoints, manned by state police for inspectors, who will have strict orders to turn back Human Traffic and to search very diligently for illegal drugs and explosive devices.  Since this wall will be very definitely on Arizona land it will have nothing to do with federal border regulations;  the Constitution does allow individual states to determine which people they will let into their own lands.  As for anyone else, they'll still be over the national border, on a road that will take them either way into more amenable states.  The federal government will have no legal reason to complain about the state wall.

As for the "federal strip", maybe it would be a good idea to post on the Arizona wall, every hundred yards or so, a large sign saying -- in Spanish: "Warning!  Illegal Immigrants, beyond this wall lies the state of Arizona.  Arizona is a poor state, and doesn't want you."  Then two arrows, one pointing east and one pointing west, then: "X miles east is the state of New Mexico.  New Mexico will welcome you with lots of jobs.  X miles west is the state of California.  California will welcome you with free food, free housing and free money.  Go east or west, but don't try to go further north.  Arizona will give you nothing but a quick return trip to Mexico."  If the states of California or New Mexico complain about this, tell them we'll take down the signs when they put up their own walls.

Before the automatic howls of "racism!" start, let's point out that "Mexican" is not a race.  Neither is "illegal immigrant".  Genetically, Mexicans are a varying mix of White and Indian;  so are a lot of perfectly good Americans -- including me.  "Race" isn't the problem between the United States and Mexico, and never was.

--Leslie <;)))><   



Aya Katz said...

Here's a more libertarian fix to the problem:

1) No more welfare for anyone.
2) Enforce the death penalty for murder. rape and horse thieving or car stealing. Flog people for petty theft.
3) Repeal minimum wage to make locals competitive with illegals on the free market.

Now you have no incentive for illegals to come in, you take care of serious criminals so they don't do it again, and no border patrol or wall is necessary.

At the time the constitution was written, no adult had been born an American citizen. They figured people would be self-selecting, because it was not easy to live in the colonies. It should still not be easy. That's better than a fence.

Leslie Fish said...

Heheheheh. Alas, it's not that simple anymore; for one thing, modern America is a helluva lot richer than 1789 America was, which means there will always be hopeful thieves sneaking in to rob it. That also arouses the envy and spite of folk from already envious and spiteful cultures, who frankly want to slaughter as well as steal. Yes, we do need a fence.

windmills said...

Leslie, if there's one thing we should all have learned from the war on drugs, it's that neither our federal or state Gov's, or even their combined efforts, are stronger forces than the market. They can alter it, but not stop it.

If there is a minimum wage, there will be a black market in labor. Sure as sunshine. If financial incentives (welfare) are offered to people who come here, they will come. If there is an election where they are picking between the party that gets them incentives and the party that wants to cut them, guess how they'll vote? Trying to change any of that is like trying to repeal the law of gravity. You may get the votes, but you won't get off the ground.

There has never been, in all of human history, a truly effective border fortification. You can see the Great Wall of China from Freakin' orbit. You know what the invaders did? They bribed the gatekeepers. Total failure.

As always, JMO.