Monday, September 7, 2015

Now For Something Completely Different...

I want to brag about my new book -- well, actually mine and Rasty's -- and of course advertise my other books and albums.  Anyway, the new book can be found on, and needs a Kindle or something like it to read, but with enough downloads I think I can persuade some publisher to put out a hard-copy version.  It listed under nonfiction, satire and sex.  So, go to Smashwords and look up:

A Book Of Instructions

For living with
a smart modern woman
in the USA

by the Anonymous Desert Rat

Oh, and be sure to click the "Adult Content" button when searching.


You can also order my filkmusic albums from my music publisher, Random Factors, at, or get my books from   Or you can order them directly from me, at, or by mail at: Leslie Fish, 1300 S. Watson Road #114-288, Buckeye, AZ 85326, using this form.


_____  "Offensive As Hell: The Joys of Jesus-Freak Bagging", $10  (satire)
_____  "For Love of Glory", $20  (historical fiction)
_____ "Of Elven Blood", $20  (fantasy/scifi fiction)


_____  "Avalon Is Risen", $15 (pagan and fantasy songs)
_____  "Lock and Load",  $15 (1st and 2nd Amendment songs)
_____  "Cold Iron", $15 (Kipling's historical poems as songs)
_____  "Our Fathers of Old", $15 (Kiplng's philosophical poems as songs)
_____  "Skybound", $15 (scifi and Star Trek songs – includes "Hope Eyrie")
_____  "Smoked Fish and Friends", $15 (WorldCon filksing, with others)
_____  "Serious Steel", $15 (SCA songs, with Joe Bethancourt)
_____  "Folksongs for Solar Sailors", $15 (Star Trek songs, from original LPs)

Totals:      Albums: _____      Books: _____     Payment: __________

(pay by check _____  or PayPal________to the above addresses)

Send To:

Name: __________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zipcode: ______________________________________________________

Anything else you want to tell me: ___________________________________________




Technomad said...

A link to the Smashwords book would be useful.

tagryn said...

Leslie, I haven't used this personally, but it comes highly recommended as a self-publish distribution service:

Leslie Fish said...

Thanks greatly! I'll check out that site, and see what I can do (I'm A Toddler On The Information Highway!) about getting that link. Patience!

Technomad said...

Interesting reading, but it could never apply to me.
Reason being: It refers to living with a smart modern woman.

And any woman who's smart would know better than to move in with me.

Neth Smiley said...

I am still curious about the song "San Jones". Did you write that? What was your inspiration, if any, or was it like The Song That Shall Not Be Named?