Sunday, January 10, 2016

An Open Letter to 'Black Lives Matter'

It's not just Black lives, you fools!

Trying to make political hay out of police corruption isn't doing Blacks any favors, either.  Yes, yes, you can stampede this or that city council into giving you and your cronies money, sinecures, and political clout, but the tactics you're using are going to backfire on you.

Look, from the top, thuggish cops are quite ready, willing, and eager to attack, beat up, and even kill poor folks who aren't Black.  If you want specific cases, look up Corey Kanash -- Paiute Indian, Misty Holt-Singh -- Sikh, Samantha Ramsey -- White, and for a real horror-show go up on YouTube and search 'The Death of Kelly Thomas'.  But with that last one, turn the sound down once the beating starts;  the screams get very loud.  Anyone, of any race, is fair game when dirty cops go out to play;  all you have to be is poor and powerless when a bored cop wanders by.

...Or a drugged one.  One of the best-kept secrets in America is how many police are taking steroids -- or stimulants, or both.  It's difficult to catch them with random drug-tests, because steroids break down quickly in the bloodstream, though stimulants leave more obvious traces.  Still, bi-weekly random tests would help, if only by making the cops more circumspect about what they take and when.

The government's deliberate policy of militarizing the police is another obvious culprit, which could be reversed if the federal administration really wanted to do it.  Surely the army keeps records of just when and where it has sold -- or given -- that military hardware to various police departments.  It would be easy enough to round up those goodies and send them off to the local National Guard armories, where they belong, and replace them with a lot of tasers.  Since so many cops are willing to shoot first and think later, let them do it with non-lethal weaponry.

Now those are solutions that would work, but I don't see you guys yelling for them.  Instead, we've seen a lot of obstructive demos -- like that stunt of blocking streets on Christmas eve -- which are guaranteed not to win you any sympathizers, even in the Black community.  Worse, you're public speeches have stopped barely short of inciting fools to go out and shoot cops.  If you'll recall, that tactic didn't do the original Black Panthers any good, either.

It sure as hell isn't winning you any sympathy in cases where assorted Black looneys have actually gone out and done it.  Neither is staying noticeably silent in public about those incidents. 

Note the present case of Edward Archer, Black, in West Philadelphia, who ran up to a cop-car and fired 13 rounds through the window.  I find it ironic that he managed to hit the cop with only three of those shots, all of which hit in the arm.  This doesn't say much about Archer's shooting ability.  It's also remarkable that the cop then jumped out of the car, chased Archer down, caught and cuffed him, and only then called for help.  The cop is in stable condition in a local hospital, and Archer is still alive, thank you.  Now that's one tough cop -- and a remarkably restrained one.

Archer then compounded his stupidity by bragging in public that he'd pledged allegiance to ISIL/Daesh, and did the attempted assassination "in the name of Islam".  That, to say the least, made him look like a terrorist -- even though the Philadelphia mayor and district attorney promptly tried to divert attention by blaming "too many guns on the street".  This argument was rendered even more laughable when it turned out that Archer's gun had been stolen from, if you please, the local police department.  Everyone who's heard the story can readily assume that Archer was a Muslim terrorist, who are sympathetic to nobody but themselves.

Now, have you guys made a point of publicly denouncing this murderous idiot, or taken care to separate your cause and complaint from any and all Muslim terrorists?

Believe me, the last thing you need is to make Black Lives Matter look like an ISIL/Daesh front!

That's guaranteed to make the clash between cops and urban Blacks escalate to a real war, not to mention getting your members hunted down and prosecuted by Homeland Security.

So just how far do you want to push your proud-and-loud, emotionally-satisfying but none-too-smart protests?  At what point are you going to take a deep breath, calm down, and start running your campaign with some real political common sense?

--Leslie <;)))>< Fiah     


Ori Pomerantz said...

Your underlying assumption is that BLM is about improving the lives of most poor blacks. This may not be the case.

Activism can be undertaken to solve a problem. It can also be taken to be visible and justify donations to the activist.

Paradoctor said...

#ALMOND: all lives matter or none do.