Monday, March 7, 2016

The Republican Circus

Rasty and I have been watching the political pundits on TV and the Internet for the past week, and laughing ourselves silly over the spectacle of the GOP frantically trying to stop its most popular candidate -- and tearing itself apart in the process.  Frankly, it couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of hypocrites.

As I've mentioned before, the Republican Party sold its soul for votes back in the 1960s, when the Dixiecrats -- the troglodyte reactionary racists mostly inhabiting the deep South -- finally figured out (a whole century later) that just because Lincoln was a Republican when he freed the slaves, that didn't mean that the Democratic Party would sympathize with slavers.  When the Democrats began actively sympathizing with the Civil Rights movement, those reactionaries -- now calling themselves Conservatives -- went looking for a new home.  Despite prophetic warnings from Barry Goldwater, a real classic conservative (who could easily have been called a Libertarian if the concept had existed then), the GOP welcomed in the ex-Dixiecrats with open arms, and thus began its long downward spiral.  The reactionaries, eventually gaining the name NeoCons, proceeded to take over the GOP and steadily push out the libertarian wing of the party.  The GOP's shabby treatment of Ron Paul and his followers in 2012 made libertarians quit the Republican Party in disgust, leaving only Rand Paul as the last of the breed, with the NeoCons in almost complete control.  

So down to the present day.  Thanks to an encouraging phonecall from Bill Clinton, Donald Trump came galloping into the presidential race, brash and bumptious and beholden to none of the Republican standbys, campaigning on his own money and crowdfunding from the public, and knocking the old GOP order on its ear.  Worse, his wide-open style and blatant dislike of certain Republican backers -- Wall Street, the military-industrial complex, the Koch brothers, and the 1% in general -- attracted a lot of the younger Republican voters who were disgruntled with GOP business as usual.  He began cutting a swathe through the primary elections that absolutely horrified the old guard -- even though his popularity made him a really serious rival to Hillary Clinton, as none of the other candidates were. 

This is why not only the usual Democrat opinion-mongers but Republican ones as well have been attacking Trump and his followers under any excuse whatever.  The hyper-left Southern Poverty Law Center has been howling "Racism!  Racism!" with all its might, claiming that KKK members like Trump, and plenty of sympathetic parlor-pinks have fallen in line with it.  This has encouraged Trump's GOP rivals to make laughable attempts to woo Blacks, Latinos, and even Muslims (perhaps on the CAIR-fully cultivated lefty assumption that "Muslim" is somehow a race).  Lefty comedians have made professional hay out of Trump, even unto making a point about his great-grandfather's name being Drumpf.  The lefty media have solemnly linked Trump's popularity to "disturbingly widespread right-wing American racism" and the usual NeoCon bigotries.

This is all particularly ironic, since Trump is far less right-wing and racist than his rivals are.  Yes, he's bullying, bigoted, and not overly observant of the Constitution -- but he's refreshingly honest about his positions.  Cruz, Rubio and Romney are actually far worse in that regard, but they're more covert about their bigotries, not to mention their connections to the same old power-brokers.  It doesn't seem to occur to anyone that so many disaffected voters flock to Trump because (and I can't think of a worse indictment of the GOP than this) he's the most honest of the Republican candidates.  Besides, he's dared to tackle a subject that nobody else in the race has brought up: the current plague of Political Correctitude -- and he's against it.

If the GOP old guard does manage to defeat Trump at the convention, it will also lose a huge percentage of its voters -- which will definitely make their candidate lose in November.  If they have the sense to nominate Trump he'll give Hillary a good run for her money, but the whole squabble will leave the GOP permanently fractured.  Indeed, Bill Clinton knew what he was doing when he made that phonecall!

Not that Trump will win, of course.  The fix is in, the Democratic National Committee's long-laid plans will pay off, and Hillary will be the next president.  The only possible rival she has -- Bernie Sanders, the "socialist" gremlin -- is fighting a good fight with logic and honesty on his side, not to mention his willingness to actually listen to the majority of voters and refusal to back the Democrats' disastrous obsession with gun control (Vermont is second only to Arizona in gun-friendliness, and has an even lower violent-crime rate), but he doesn't have the covert backing of the DNC that Hillary does.

So the best we can hope for is that Hillary will pick Bernie for vice-president, and that the disgusted voters will fill Congress with anything-but-Democrat senators and congresscritters who will slam the brakes on Hillary's tendency to wipe her butt with the Constitution.  That isn't so implausible as it seems;  there are a lot of voters these days registering as third-party or independent.  Here in Arizona, traditionally a Republican state, there are more voters registered as Libertarian or independent than the registered Republicans and Democrats put together.  No one in the mainstream media seems to have noticed this trend yet.  That's not surprising, seeing that no one except Trump among the Big Two parties seems to have noticed how disgruntled the voters have become with politics-as-usual.

As for me, I intend to keep broadcasting my personal analysis of the whole mess: "A plague on both their houses!  Vote Libertarian."

--Leslie <;)))><  )O(  


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