Monday, July 4, 2016

A Pagan Curse Upon ISIS/ISIL/Daesh

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I rarely do covers of other folks' blog-posts, but this one deserves it.  Written on World Heritage Day by Aedicula Antinoi, it's the "working" part of a few "formal rituals against the bastards who think their role upon earth is to destroy the history of the devotions of their ancestors. I will not say their name in my preamble statement here, because I think it is more effective to be silent about them whenever possible, and to reserve my saying of their name for the venom it deserves, which will be mustered below."

And a splendid Pagan curse it is, too.  Feel free to use it when and wherever you think it will do the most good:

Execration of the Impious

May the poisonous spit of ten million cobras
be heaped upon the name of Daesh
and upon the heads and eyes and hearts
of everyone who masses under their banner.

May they who destroyed Nimrud and Hatra,
and who have threatened to bring low
the pyramidal jewels of Egypt’s crown
have their name ground into the dust.

Eat dust for your bread, O Daesh,
and may your only drink be vitriol,
and may everyone who says your name
spit on the ground for its impurity in their mouths.

The armies of the sand fleas have heeded
the call to arms and have inflicted you
with skin diseases–may the fleas rise again
and continue to attack your foul bodies!

You tried to destroy the city of Ninurta,
but the crowned sphinx will live again
to stride over your corpses with his strength
and to grind your bones into meal fit for hogs!

You tried to destroy all knowledge of the past,
to erase the great accomplishments of your ancestors,
but they turn their mighty backs on you now–
you are a people with no roots, no strength.

A rain of three billion stones fall upon you
from Allat, Manat, and Al-Uzza, three pillars
of strength which will never support you,
three foundation stones of your enemies returned.

Inanna daughter of Sin will bring whirlwinds of fire
upon you to scatter your resolve and your arms,
and Ereshkigal will hang you on hooks
while Nergal pisses on your shriveled souls.

From distant places Anat will rouse her armies
and bring a flood of blood upon you,
and Qadesh will dance rejoicing upon your trunks
shorn of limbs and heads and blinded in the eyes.

Syria’s Thyandrites, from Damascus,
will come again to light with his spear,
and trade it for missiles exploding with fire
burning your vile forms into shadow forever.

And she whose name has been profaned by you
and by an ignorant world, Isis Great In Magic:
when her name is called in reference to you
may her strength multiply a thousand times!

May Isis bring the Eyes of Re to focus on you
and burn through your flayed skins;
May Isis steal the vigor of your blood
and blast your kidneys and burst your livers.

And may all of the Lilitu of the deserts
converge in your dreams to drive you from sleep,
and may Pazuzu vomit upon you in your retreat
and fill your waking moments with filth.

All of this, O Daesh, be upon you
for the vanity of your vainglorious desires;
all of this, O Daesh, be upon you
for the idiocy of your actions against the gods;

All of this, O Daesh, be upon you
for the offense you have become to your people;
all of this, O Daesh, be upon you
for the disgrace you have become to your ancestors.

And all of this, O Daesh, and much more
to the number of seventy-two billion curses
by every god in every land be upon you
until your name and life is cut from the earth.

May you be spat upon, O Daesh,
May you be spat upon, O Daesh,
May you be spat upon, O Daesh,
May you be spat upon with blood!


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