Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Downspiral: The Steady Corruption of Black Lives Matter

The assassin who ambushed and killed 5 cops in Dallas, Texas, claimed he was avenging Black men killed in Minnesota and Louisiana.  'Tis pity that nobody had time to tell him: "You idiot, you shot the wrong cops!"  Then again, it's unlikely he would have cared;  any White cops would have served.  The Baton Rouge cop-killer was a Black Muslim, and clearly he wouldn't have cared either.  Now everyone in America is aware of the problem of over-militarized -- and sometimes doped-up, on speed or steroids -- cops attacking, beating, and killing unarmed or otherwise helpless civilians;  for some reason, most people aren't aware that it isn't just Blacks who become victims.  Vicious cops have shown themselves quite willing to attack, beat, and kill White, Latino, Asian and Indian civilians.  Google "Kelly Thomas" and see a rather graphic video on YouTube of a retarded young White man being beaten to death by a small horde of disgustingly eager cops -- also White.  So when did this stop being a police-brutality problem and become a racism problem?

That can be laid entirely at the feet of the organization called Black Lives Matter.  Formed after the Ferguson, Missouri mess, BLM made a point of denouncing -- as "racist", of course -- anyone who tried to claim that all lives matter, and police brutality is more than a Black problem.  Now why would they do that?  Well, first they made the reasonable demand that cities with large Black populations should hire more Black cops and have them patrol the Black neighborhoods.  Then the demands got wider, and further out: universal employment, Black History taught in all schools, an end to US involvement in the middle-east, and -- after blocking traffic in a major city -- dissolution of the entire police department.  Most recently, one of their spokeswomen demanded reparations for the years of slavery: "Open your checkbooks and hand over your car keys".  The unspoken corollary is: "We'll disrupt your city if you don't give us what we want."  In other words, within a year of its inception, BLM became a Black extortion ring. 

And now they've upped the ante.  After over a year of BLM's bombast, Black extremists have taken to ambushing and killing random cops.  The perpetrators were killed in the resulting shootouts, so never had time to say they were inspired by Black Lives Matter, but they'd certainly seen and heard BLM's propaganda.  BLM's response has been rather mixed: a few standard statements about how they never said to go around killing cops and they didn't personally deal with these nuts, the usual shifting of blame to Police Racism, and so on.  They haven't been notable for exhorting their audiences not to kill cops.  The implication is pretty clear. 

So is BLM's obvious and rampant stupidity.  People at large are beginning to notice that BLM is deliberately fanning racism for fun and... profit.  Already there are grumbles to have Black Lives Matter legally declared a domestic terrorist organization, and of course those embattled police departments across the country are willing to comply.  Though BLM has no formal connection with the Black Muslim organization, their parallel rhetoric puts them in the same political camp.  Given the number of recent Jihadist attacks, in the US and elsewhere, the next step is an easy connection to make.  If BLM had wanted to call down the police -- and not just local -- on their heads, they couldn't have done a better job. 

In these days of lightning-fast mass communications, we've seen other political groups -- the Tea Party comes to mind -- corrupted with amazing speed, but Black Lives Matter didn't start that clean to begin with.  The Black Muslim movement in America has been around for half a century, and though it has kept a low profile in recent years, it's an obvious target for Jihadist recruiters.  It wouldn't be hard for the various agencies of Homeland Security to find evidence for connections, and BLM will be toast.  After that, like drug cartels in the Latino slums, they'll be heroes only to the gang-banger crowd.   

Did anyone in Black Lives Matter foresee this before it started peddling Black racism for fun and profit?

--Leslie <;)))><  


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