Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Downspiral: The Steady Degeneration of Black Lives Matter

The assassin who killed 5 cops in Dallas, Texas claimed he was doing it in retaliation for cops who killed Black men in Minnesota and Louisiana.  'Tis pity that nobody had time to yell at him: "You idiot, you shot the wrong cops!"  It's unlikely that he would have cared, anyway;  any White cop would have done, for him.  It clearly wouldn't have mattered to the Baton Rouge cop-killer either, who also was a Black Muslim.  Now we all know that the US has a problem with over-militarized -- and very likely doped-up -- cops beating and killing unarmed or otherwise harmless civilians, but when did this become a purely Black/White issue?  Those cops have also proven themselves quite ready, able, and willing to beat and kill poor Whites, Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, et al.  There's a quite graphic video on YouTube showing the beating of Kelly Thomas, a retarded White man, by a horde of disgustingly eager cops.  This is clearly not just a racial issue.

It was the group called Black Lives Matter that insisted this was purely a racial issue.  They even denounced -- as "racist", of course -- anyone who claimed that all lives matter, and that police brutality was a nationwide problem.  BLM clearly wanted to shift the public vision of the problem from police corruption to specifically anti-Black racism.  And why?  Well, originally the spokesmen for BLM stated that they wanted municipalities with large Black populations to hire more Black cops, and use them to patrol the Black neighborhoods. 

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