Monday, July 11, 2016

Historical Essay Contest!

Well, for the second week in a row I'm posting somebody else's message, but I think this one is worth it too.  Here are the particulars:

Pro-RKBA group The Zelman Partisans is holding an essay contest. The
prize is an Israeli rebarreled Mauser,formerly Nazi-era German.


Win This Historic Israeli Freedom Tool

Enter and tell us why you’d like to own this beautiful, rare, and
historic Mauser Karabiner 98.

This rifle was born in 1940 in the factories of Nazi Germany. It was a
tool of hatred and oppression. But eventually one of those particularly
Jewish miracles possessed it.

Sometime later in that decade, after Hitler’s evil was crushed, this
rifle and others like it found their way to the hands of Jewish
liberators in Palestine. The Jews of America and Britain paid to
purchase the guns and smuggle them to their brothers and sisters in the
Middle East, defying a British embargo. Most of the Mausers that found
their covert way to Israel were Czechoslovakian. This rifle is one of
the rare few remaining that were made for Hitler and transformed by Jews.


I have no fiduciary interest.

The sheer amount of history tied up in this gun is amazing.  Please do search it on the Internet. 

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