Monday, August 22, 2016

Don't Laugh!

Is there anybody out there who doesn't know that I'm a lifelong ideological Anarchist?  Okay, so try hard not to giggle when you hear what I'll be doing next week on election day. 

I'm going to be a local poll-watcher.  No kidding.

Why?  Well, the simplest answer is: money.  I lost a lot of trees this past summer, and the county pays $140 for a day of poll-watching, and every little bit helps. 

More to the point, though, I'd like to see the elections business from the inside, for once.  This is a small town, the polling-place is the local high school, and the process should be pretty simple.  The gang of us will have to show up the previous day, after school, for a three-hour training course -- and I'll definitely take notes.  I particularly want to get a good look at the tabulating machines.  If I see the word "Dieboldt" anywhere, you can bet that I'll raise a stink.

If the ballots will be counted by hand, I'll keep an even closer watch.  Back in Chicago I saw plenty of ingenious ways to disqualify ballots, and I'll be looking for them. 

Most especially, I want to see how many 3rd-party votes show up.  The number of voters registered Libertarian, and Green, in Arizona is one of the better-kept political secrets in the state.  It'll be fun to see the local media try to ignore the actual poll results, especially this year, when everybody is so disgusted with the Big Two.  The mainstream-media have been squawking merrily about Democrats refusing to endorse Hillary and Republicans refusing to endorse Trump;  what will they do when double-digit percentages of voters refuse to endorse either of them?  *Snicker*  Anyone who thinks that Arizona is a "red state" doesn't live here.

The only thing that could be more fun on election day would be poll-watching down in the border counties, where I could see how the Navajo votes goes.

--Leslie <;)))><   

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Aya Katz said...

That sounds like a wonderful opportunity to have a bird's eye view of what is going on! I will look for a full report on election day!