Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Not Exact Repetition

I've noticed that history doesn't repeat exactly, and that if cycles repeat closely enough in time for people to see them completely, they can make noticeable change.

For example, the killing-protest-riot cycle in Charlotte, NC reveals a serious upgrade from the last cycle in Ferguson, MO -- and I don't think it was just because of the plethora of cameras.

There are three stories about the original killing, and all of them claim the support of video evidence:  1) the victim had a gun and was waving it near the police;  2)  the victim had no gun but a book, and the police couldn't tell the difference or didn't care;  3) --and this is the odd one-- the victim had a gun but wasn't brandishing it, and he had a perfect right to carry a gun, North Carolina being an "open carry" state.  The first argument, of course, is what the police are claiming.  Naturally, the second argument is what the local Blacks are claiming.  The third argument is being made by both Black community leaders and sympathetic Whites, which is a real first.

Another difference:  again, Black protesters marched in the streets during the day, while cops in riot-gear watched quietly.  Again they finished at sundown, whereupon a split appeared in the ranks;  more than half of the original protesters left, most of them heading for church to pray and plan, while the bunch that was left formed a screen of bodies to block the cops' sight, made a point of taunting and provoking the police -- which they called "standing up" for their rights -- while behind them others smashed car and shop windows and grabbed whatever they could.  But this time, the next morning, the Black protest leaders denounced that second group as "provocateurs" and repudiated the lot of them.  This is a brilliant -- and long overdue -- move.  It's probably the reason why the Charlotte confrontation hasn't escalated since, and there's serious negotiation going on between the community leaders and the police.

It would also be extremely useful to find out just who those "provocateurs" were/are, and who's behind them.  I'd bet on very covert money from certain Arab interests -- which is ironic, seeing how various Arab rulers have exploited Blacks since at least the days of ancient Egypt. 

A couple of suggestions I could give to the Charlotte PD, not to mention a lot of others:

A)  Hire more Black cops, and assign them specifically to patrol Black neighborhoods.  It will surprise and dismay a lot of people when the number of police-brutality incidents doesn't fall off, "racism" can no longer be used as an excuse for police misbehavior, and Black-on-Black crime becomes a serious national scandal.

B)  Put every cop in reliable body-cameras, with audio included and internal timers, that transmit as well as record, and that can't be turned off by the wearer -- along with car-cams.  And, given another bone of contention, the recordings therefrom will be legally public records on demand, within not more than 24 hours of any incident recorded thereon.  And, of course, altering the recordings will be a serious felony.

C)  Surprise: police must be subject to random drug-tests -- often -- which are designed to pick up traces of steroids and the more obscure stimulants.  Cop drug-use is one of the best-kept dirty secrets in the country, and is at least as big a factor in the current problem as racism or police militarization.

If the Charlotte PD is willing to adapt all of these reforms, I think the more intelligent folk in the Black community will be also willing to ask for police help in tracking down the origins of those "provocateurs".

--Leslie <;)))><    

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