Saturday, October 8, 2016

Selling Out for Power

As election day draws nearer and the campaign follies shift into higher gear, the passion for winning does indeed reveal the character of the major players -- and not just the candidates.  Surely the Democratic National Committee knows that it has the election sewn up, but it's not taking any chances;  it's pushing its loyal mainstream media to keep hunting up and trumpeting Trump's "sins" -- particularly against its most reliable "voting demographics".  This means almost-frantic hunting for any crumb of an example of Racism or Sexism, and let the more serious issues of Trump's shady business dealings, shady political dealings, military and political incompetence, and tax evasions slide.  After all, what's juicier than scandal, racier than racism, or sexier than sexism?

And do I detect a certain bread-and-circuses attitude toward the intellect of the voters?

In fact, Trump is personally a lot less racist than the other Republican serious contenders;  it was his rich daddy who didn't want to rent housing to "niggers" -- thus inspiring Leadbelly's song "Bourgeois Town", plus a few more by Woody Guthrie -- while Donald, despite his thoughtless sayings, has shown himself quite as willing to deal with, and cheerfully exploit, Blacks as anybody else. There just isn't much Ray-Ray-Racist dirt to dig up.  So what does that leave?  Right.

A couple days ago the big "sexism scandal" about Trump was his commenting at a wedding, years ago, that "vagina is expensive" -- and you know that wasn't the word he used.  Oooh, how horrid!  Today MSNBC talking-heads are dithering about a recording, even more years ago, of Trump doing a locker-room brag about leching after some married woman he thought was hot.  Icky-icky awful!  Make him apologize publicly!  In fact, make him withdraw his candidacy!  A serious contender simply can't show women that little Respect!

What amazes me is the fluttery-dithery Sensitivity, characteristic of the most Politically Correct of the current crop of Liberal-Arts campus Special Snowflakes.  I almost expected one of them to complain about "trauma triggering", and whine for a "safe space", but I suppose that well-employed professionals long since graduated may be expected to act a little more like adults.  This is an ironic turnaround from the Liberal media's previous position, which sneered at the Teddibly Sensitive crowd, held that women are naturally strong, and cheered for the women in the military who'd passed the Ranger Test.

Being a fan of the Kick-Ass Chick model myself, I had a good laugh over the whole pious idiocy.  Hey, if Trump had made that "Pussy is expensive" comment to me, I would have laughed and said "Yeah, but
@ssholes cost you more".  As for his locker-room brag, I would have asked for solid evidence that he really did *get* that red-hot married woman, and added a comment about how the girls talk in *their* locker-room.  I learned at an early age that the best way for us girls to get "respect" from the boys is to learn to give as good as we get, not to play the Fragile Flower.  Most practical women these days, at least those who aren't so rich that they can indulge childishness into adulthood, have learned that same lesson, long since.

Still, the DMC/Media axis is willing to do a complete about-face on their previous ideals, just in hope of getting a few more anti-Trump votes.  Talk about selling out!  And for what?  Just to scare a few more votes away from a candidate whom they know isn't going to win anyway?  This reminds me of the most recent Bush, who lied from habit even when the truth would have served him better.   The Big Two parties are looking more and more ethically indistinguishable.

A plague on both their houses!  Vote Libertarian.

--Leslie <;)))>< 



Technomad said...

I prefer the "kick-ass chick" model myself. My favorite girlfriends were all very intelligent (which says nothing about their taste in men, I fear) and perfectly well willing to stand up and tell me I was wrong, blowing smoke, or deliberately obfuscating, particularly when I was. And I liked that a lot. Surrounding oneself with "yes-men" is what gets a lot of people into trouble; the Krays, I am told, did that, and look where they ended up!

I know quite a few women in the SCA who can hold their own in armor on the list-field or the battlefield, then go back to their tents, change into "girl clothes" and enjoy having their hands kissed by the very guys they were fighting beside and against. They strike me as having the best of two worlds.

Leslie Fish said...

Heheheheheh. I've noticed that a lot of the men in Fandom, the SCA, and their associated subcultures think much the same. And people wonder why I hang out with Fandom as much as I can!

Paradoctor said...

First off, I am grateful to Clinton for giving us all permission to say "deplorable", and I am grateful to Trump for giving us all permission to say "pussy".

For me, Pussygate was disorienting because it forced me to choose between two intuitions: that Trump is a skeevy groper, and that he's a pathological liar. But he _said_ that he's a skeevy groper; so my two intuitions cannot both be true! Either he lied as usual and he's not a skeevy groper - but that's absurd - or he is a skeevy groper and he told the truth about himself - but that too is absurd.

Hearing the truth - of all things - from Trump - of all people - made me doubt my own common sense. He gaslit me! And he did this by being honest! If I can't rely on Trump being reliably unreliable, then what can I rely on?

The explanation for Trump's surreal candor is he's not just skeevy and deceptive; he's also incompetent. He failed to assume that the mike was hot.

Pro-tip: always assume, until proven otherwise, that a mike is hot, a gun is loaded, and a wallet is empty.

Leslie Fish said...

*Snerk* Obviously Trump *doesn't* lie all the time. That puts him ahead of both Bushes and most of the rest of the GOP. Of course he's incompetent, but that doesn't matter; he never was going to win the election anyway. Have you noticed that even NBC noted that Trump is already parlaying his campaign into a deal for buying a TV station? Heheheheheh. It's all about the money!