Friday, May 26, 2017

The Red Phone Remembered

Does anyone remember the infamous Red Phone?  It was a reliable, secure, private phone line between the White House and the Kremlin.  The Red Phone sat on the President's desk throughout the Cold War, for the express purpose of preventing World War III, as shown in various movies -- including the classic "Dr. Strangelove".  Everybody knew about the Red Phone, and nobody complained about its existence. 

Since Glasnost, however, knowledge of the Red Phone has dropped out of sight.  Does it still exist?  Is it still connected?  Whom would you ask to find out? 

In particular, whom would you ask if you were a President-elect who was extremely unpopular with most of the federal bureaucracy -- whose staffs are preponderantly Democrats, including the FBI -- not to mention the mass media, who can be relied upon to put a negative spin on everything you say or do?

Well, why not send a smart, trusted relative to go to the Russian embassy and simply ask the Russian ambassador? 

The ambassador might indeed be surprised at your unorthodox method of determining whether a communication line of great importance to national security was operative or not.  It might give him ideas about how trustworthy your federal bureaucracy was.  His communications back to Putin might be full of speculations as to how they could use this knowledge.  You can be sure that Putin's instructions would have been, basically, use it in any way that makes Russia look powerful and clever and scary and deserving of respect in the world.  And what could give Russia more respect than to tell of Jared Kushner asking about a "secure communication line" with the Russian government --at a time when the Useful Idiots in America are trying to paint their President as a tool of Russia?  Wow, wouldn't that make Russia look like the biggest, baddest kid on the block!

The only problem with this impression is that both Trump and Kushner himself are entirely too confident.  All the Democrats in any branch of government, and the media, and academia, and even in the medical/pharmaceutical business, are drooling buckets at the thought of actually being able to convict Trump of something and impeach him -- but Trump is still calmly saying that The Russian Connection is "a fantasy", and Kushner -- whom the congressional special investigating committee has finally called upon -- is coolly saying that he'll be happy to answer any and all questions they have for him.  This is the confidence of someone with an ace up his sleeve, someone with overwhelming evidence that his accusers are dead wrong -- and biased idiots.

That should have signaled a warning to the gleeful Democrats.  Indeed, older and wiser experts from both parties, in both government and media, have cautioned their colleagues that there could be perfectly "legal, if not moral" reasons for everything Trump and Co. have done with Russia.  Perhaps they too smell a trap being set, ready to  spring.  They have to know that Trump is not a fool, and neither is his son-in-law.   

When it springs, it will reveal just who/where the leaks and covert Democrats are in the White House staff, in the federal bureaucracy, in the "intelligence community" and just about everywhere else -- and Trump can gleefully fire as many of them as he can reach.  The ones he can't reach directly will still be exposed with egg (or worse) on their faces.  It will be a tremendous Machiavellian coup, and the world -- and the Russians -- will have to respect him.

And I'll do my damnedest not to say "I told you so."

--Leslie <;)))><           


Mark Horning said...

The "red phone" exists, but it was never actually red, and actually was never a phone. That is a complete Holywood Fabrication.

It's not a direct line to Russia either.

It connects to the Pentagon, and then to the Kremlin.
It was originally a teletype system, now it's a secure e-mail system.

Leslie Fish said...

Good to know it still exists, anyway. I can see Trump wanting to be sure that it still works. I can also see him, who did business in Russia, accepting as "secure" and "direct" a reliable communications line that went through *only* the White House, the Pentagon, and the Kremlin's army of spies. That's really the best that anybody could expect.