Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Very Tired of Florida

It's been less than two years since a Jihadist with an AR-15 walked up to the Pulse night-club in Orlando, Florida, shot the lone armed guard at the door, strolled in and began shooting up the -- unarmed -- bar patrons at the height of Gay celebration night.  The bar patrons could do nothing but try to run and try to hide.  The vicious bastard killed 50 people and wounded another 58 before he was done.  It was a fish-in-a-barrel killing;  Florida law forbade anybody with a firearm to enter any place where alcohol was served.  That's why the lone armed guard was stationed outside the bar, easily spotted, easily shot.  The Liberals/Democrats/media raised the usual boilerplate howl about how legal guns were the problem.  The NRA offered free Concealed Carry qualifying classes to Gays.  A lot of Gays across the country took them up on it.

Today, at MS Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, a 19-year-old punk who'd been kicked off the school grounds many times before sneaked back on campus with -- oh yes -- an AR-15 and shot up the school, killing 17 people and wounding 50.  This time the victims were a little better prepared;  as soon as the shooting started, somebody pulled the fire-alarm.  Kids and teachers who heard the shots phoned the police.  Two minutes later the school was evacuated.  This time the shooter was captured alive, and no doubt the psychiatric crowd will pick his brain for motivation.  Nonetheless, 17 people were killed and 50 injured.  Again, the Liberals/Democrats/media are promptly trumpeting their shop-worn push for more gun control.  The pro-gun-rights crowd have said nothing yet, but are busy digging for facts in the case.

Now what, besides the murderers' choice of tool -- the famous AR-15 (actually a light "varmint" gun, much more likely to wound than kill any animal the size of a deer, including a human) -- and choice of state, do these killings have in common?

The killers both chose gun-free/legally disarmed/fish-in-a-barrel targets -- whom the state legislature has done nothing to protect.

Now what if, after the horrific Orlando shooting, the state govt. had seen the error of its ways and allowed bar personnel -- or even designated-driver non-drinking patrons -- to carry concealed firearms inside bars, or other so-called "gun free" zones?  What if Florida schoolteachers who have CCW permits had been allowed to carry (concealed) inside schools?  In fact, what if the state of Florida had required all its schoolteachers to get firearms, train with them, obtain concealed-carry permits, and carry concealed firearms on the job at all times?  Florida law does, after all, not only allow but encourage banks to have armed -- and not always uniformed -- guards in banks, to protect the customers' money;  how much more valuable are its people, especially children?

But no.  In the nearly two years since the Orlando shooting, the Florida government has done nothing realistic, nothing effective, to prevent these fish-in-a-barrel shootings of helpless, unarmed citizens -- just the usual mouthings about "gun violence" and threats to disarm the innocent even further.  What can you say about a government that neither adequately protects its citizens nor even lets them protect themselves?

So much for Florida being a "red" state, or a "southern" state;  it's a hypocrite state with a useless government that ought to be thrown out in the next election.

--Leslie <;)))>< 


Spearcarrier said...

Floridian here. Rather than take the bait regarding whether or not I'm actually Southern, the default go to after your last statement, I also won't do the usual native bitching about the scores of Northerners who come to FL to live because they love it so much and keep "I heart NY" bumper stickers on their cars. I grew up going to turkey shoots with Dad. I grew up handling guns. I went through a lot of bullcrap, I mean some serious bullying for more than 10 years straight every day year after year, and not once ever thought of shooting up the assholes I went to school with neither with a gun nor with my camera.

That being said, it has always been a disappointment to folks like me who have watched the days of turkey shoots and downright weapon responsibility be mired down by process. With this latest tragedy - and after so many - I'm left just wishing the screamers would at least wait until the bodies get cold before pushing their political agendas. At least have that much respect.

Today on Facebook the first thing on my feed was a stupid meme talking about how many school shootings there had been in 2018 already. The picture, which the makers were surely counting on people to only look at, made it look terrible. The fine print pointed out that most of them were accidental fires from where someone dropped their gun etc, and that no one was actually hurt in them.

I went from an open school where you could walk back and forth, get picked up, and some of the kids even had guns in their truck because they were going to go hunting to now - which in some places in FL is a complete and total lockdown environment. To get in I had to prove I had a reason to be there. I was a sub teacher. A parent had to go through worse. It was horrible. When I spoke out, the teachers said to me, "It's for safety!"

Here's a thought. Teach your kids how to be actually SAFE. Instead of sitting ducks.

If the creep kept coming onto campus, then the lockdown environments aren't working no more than putting up a "no guns here" sign. Even if you don't have all the kids carrying guns - which you gotta admit would be an extreme - there are so many ways to learn to defend yourself against this.

I've been avoiding the scenario today because my opinions are unpopular ones, I'm tired of being shouted down by people who, if it were there child, would react by wanting to put everyone else's child in greater harm's way.

Inevitably someone is going to bring up England as a shining example of gun control and gun violence. Might want to make note that their gun violence in the past couple of years has went up 43%, despite their gun laws.

Leslie Fish said...

Amen! I notice that Ohio already has passed a law *requiring* school employees to get guns, train with them, obtain CCW permits, and carry them in school at all times. I've also heard that in the last couple days Colorado and Alabama have proposed laws to do the same thing. So while the Dems and the Media are still squawking about "gun control" and "ban the AR-15", the practical people -- far from the NYC/LA media-centers -- are putting together some laws that might actually work.

...And have you noticed how the media are squirming away from blaming the FBI, and the local cops -- who knew about some 39 incidents with Cruz -- for *not reporting* the vicious lunatic to NICS, where gun-dealers would have learned that this guy should not have been sold any kind of firearm? Oh-no-no, don't ever blame the police, let alone the FBI, for incompetence!

Spearcarrier said...

Well if it actually came out that the systems already in place were simply not enforced, their entire narrative would go down the tubes.

Leslie Fish said...

Correction: I've since learned that there was *one* armed security-guard in the school (how big is that school again? I've heard figures of 700 students), who started searching when he heard the alarm go off, but never even saw the shooter. I've also learned that there really was *one* teacher who had a CCW and a concealed handgun, but when the alarms sounded she concentrated on getting her kids out to safety, and never even saw the shooter.

This implies that the punk knew who the armed people were, and *how to avoid them*. Note too that when it became clear that the school was responding sensibly to his attack and the police were on the way, he *ditched his gear and mingled with the evacuating students* rather than stick around and try to kill more. This is *not* the action of a maddened bully-victim, but a cunning psychopath. He also knew how to get on the school grounds without being detected.

The only thing that could have defended the kids and teachers who were shot was to have training and weapons of their own -- as many as possible, so there would be no safe place for the psycho to set up and shoot dozens at his leisure. ...And did anyone notice that a book-loaded back-pack can stop bullets? The way to protect the kids is to *protect the kids*.

Spearcarrier said...

Hrm. Well that makes more sense. When I heard how the fire alarm had went off (as if maybe he'd set it off?) I thought he'd done that to flush out his targets. Like chasing buffalo over a cliff.

He'd been on campus many times. And he's been planning it a while. It's obvious from an outsider's pov that he'd been scoping who was whom - and didn't he already go there? This would suggest he knew them personally. And he'd made sure of the layout, probably had tracked schedules, and did some serious premeditative thinking.

He waited until a day when a fire alarm drill had happened, I'm also given to understand. So people wouldn't think nothing of the fire alarm going off again perhaps.

He could have taken these guys down with a hand gun or even a bow and arrow, really. He'd planned carefully.

Leslie Fish said...

One weep-and-wail story from a teacher snagged my attention. She heard shots, made a good guess what was happening, and followed the school's "active shooter protocol" -- by hurrying to *turn out the lights*. While she was doing that, the shooter ran up and fired through the door, killed two students and wounded the teacher.

...Uh, excuse me, but why wasn't the first step in the "protocol" to *lock the classroom door*? For that matter, why was the classroom door unlocked in the first place? What harm would it do to lock classroom doors as soon as the last students come in? Or to lock the exterior doors after the students and teachers and staff have come in? An honest visitor to the school wouldn't be terribly inconvenienced by having to ring a doorbell and wait to be let in, nor would the teachers or staff be terribly inconvenienced by having to get up and go unlock a door, once they made sure the would-be visitor was safe.