Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Political Theatre Gets Violent -- Almost

Today's headlines are full of the five bombs mailed to prominent Democrats -- and a former CIA official at CNN's office -- all of which were caught by their own security teams.  The bombs were apparently real, but didn't go off, not one of them.  As an old revolutionary myself, I find this intriguing.  The bombs were obviously made by a professional, with plenty of experience in explosives and demolition -- but wouldn't such a professional have considered that nowadays high-profile targets do have expert security teams?  That in itself makes me wonder, as does the timing: early in Election Week.

And of course the Democrats and their sympathetic media are blaming it all on Trump, with his "violent and divisive rhetoric" -- not to mention his accusing them of using "divisive rhetoric".  And of course that's true;  Maxine Waters -- one of the abortive targets -- has made herself famous over the past several weeks for noisily urging all good Parlor Pinks to go out and harass Republicans at home and in public -- which a lot of them then did, as plenty of videos on YouTube can show.

I'm not ruling out to possibility that this bomb-scare could be a covert Democrat-planned False Flag attack.  The gods know, I've seen them before.

And I'm not the only one with suspicions:

Mainstream Media Ignores Poignant Piece of Bomb Maker’s Puzzle

In their never-ending 
quest to demonize conservatives, the corporate media is willfully ignoring an important piece of the puzzle.


There is a major point being overlooked by the mainstream media during today’s attempted bombing spree of political entities.
Television’s corporate media are focusing heavily on the Trump-connection in todays’ incidents, repeatedly reminding the world that all of those affected by the delivery of these dangerous devices are people who have criticized Donald Trump in the past.  The problem with this logic is that it is completely one-sided, at least according to reality.
We cannot forget that men such as Ted Cruz and Rand Paul were also major critics of the President at one point.
The insinuation that these bombings are aimed solely to those who oppose the President isn’t the full picture here, and I’ll explain.

First, those who have so far been targeted are not just democrats or liberals.  They are globalists, each and every one of them.  For George Soros to be targeted first, and then this slew of other students of his, is a substantial piece of the puzzle that few in the corporate media are willing to talk about.  The bomber or bombers has not gone after your everyday democrats, or even the democratic socialists who oppose Trump.

They’ve spared Bernie Sanders and Alexnadria Ocasio-Cortez, and that is significant.
Also, every one of these devices had the same phony return address:  That of former DNC head Debbie Wassermann Schultz.
CNN reports that the package bombs had the (fake) return address of "Debbie Wasserman-Schultz," and there was a package that was addressed to Eric Holder, but it had the wrong address and was sent "back" to Wasserman-Schultz's office in FL, prompting evacuation of her office.
— Peter Sterne (@petersterne) October 24, 2018

What does this mean?
Schultz was the DNC head fired for her role in stealing the 2016 from Bernie Sanders and allowing Hillary Clinton to effectively take over the organization.  She was blackballed for her role in the process, and shunned from politics as a whole.  Democratic citizens were furious with Schultz’s actions, believing that they shattered the sanctity of the democratic process in favor of pushing Clinton, a known globalist and friend of George Soros, over Bernie Sanders – a man that many believed had a better shot of defeating Trump in a general election.

By putting Debbie Wassermann-Schultz down as the “return address” on these bombs, this terrorist could very easily be attempting to make a political point about how these democrats and globalists have completely ruined the idea of American liberty.  Schultz annihilated the political process on the left, and essentially handed the presidency to Donald Trump by pushing forward with the nomination of Hillary Clinton – a candidate who was not only flawed, but polling poorly against Trump at the time of their scheme’s hatching.

Essentially, Schultz ruined the democrats’ chances to ever regain the trust of the American people.  These devices, with their premeditated return addresses, could be certainly be attempting to reiterate that point on a national scale.
Remember folks, these bombs have not been proven to be targeting anti-Trump forces.  All we know now is that they are targeting globalist democrats with a return address belonging to the woman who single-handedly sabotaged the entire DNC in 2016.
--David West
Was that the equivalent of the severed horse's head in "The Godfather"?  
The devil is in the details, and there are a lot of smoky details here.  I doubt if they'll be revealed before the end of Election Week, but then, a lot of voters are suspicious already.  And then there are all the voters who have voted already, early, by mail.  
If there's anything the 2016 election taught us, it's that the voters are not so manipulable or predictable as the experts think.

--Leslie  <;)))><

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Paradoctor said...

Obscure right-wing meme on bomb sent to John Brennan. In effect, it was signed.

Paradoctor said...

Wasserman return address? Certainly not from her.

False flag? That's all-purpose reality-denial. Such whinges might calm the cognitively-dissonant base; everyone else will see yet more evidence that the far right is the party of compulsive falsehood and personal irresponsibility.

Since the one to Soros was hand-delivered, the feds may have fingerprints. Amateur at work; therefore the lack of explosions - so far. Let's hope that they soon catch and punish the culprit.

Paradoctor said...

A pipe bomb sent in the mail isn't 'almost' violence. It is 'failed' violence. May the culprit continue to fail.

Paradoctor said...

The fake ISIS flag on the Brennan bomb looks like the bomber's idea of a joke. Ha ha, how funny. But I know an even funnier joke:

30 to life without parole.

Let's hope some judge gets to crack that witticism, and the sooner the better.

Alchemy said...


J. C. Salomon said...

Poorly made bombs tell us the goal was intimidation, not killing—or if a false-flag, appearance of intimidation, with little risk of actualy killing the purported target.

Leslie Fish said...

Hi, Joel. Actually, it could be multitasking -- two birds with one stone: making Repubs look awful-awful, and sending a warning/threat to *particular Democrats* who have been making the DNC look hysterically dangerous. The bomber could actually have been a disgruntled Democrat trying to stop the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Leslie Fish said...

Hi, Nat. All the subsequent bombs failed to explode, too. This is becoming a pattern. It's pretty obviously meant as intimidation, but of whom, and for what?

Leslie Fish said...

Latest news is that the cops picked up a "suspect" in Florida: a 56-year-old White (of course!) man named Cesar Sayoc, who owned a van that bore a lot of pro-Trump stickers. According to CNN he has "a criminal history", and "sources say DNA evidence played a part" in his arrest. In other words, a lot of vague hints and almost nothing solid.

One thing I notice has changed. The first reports of the mail-delivered bombs were described by the police, on MSNBC, as "professional" and "made by an expert". Now that the FBI has a suspect who doesn't look very professional, CNN -- which got the scoop on the story -- is calling the bombs "crude, homemade". Hmmmm.

Having watched a few CSI episodes, I'd like to know if Sayoc worked in any capacity with the Post Office. Simply handling the packages would be enough to transfer trace DNA. NBC notes that: "He has an arrest record, but it was not clear what his past offenses are."

I'd advise following this story with a healthy dose of cynicism.

Alchemy said...

I personally don't think its a false flag myself, at least not one started by the top brass of the democrats.

My logic in it being that the list of people who got a bomb were mostly all people who recently were calling for acts of violence and harassment, and I feel that the democrats lack the basic self awareness needed to put together that list.

Leslie Fish said...

A couple more "bomb" packages have arrived at various Democrat targets, bringing the total up to 17. Not one of them went off. When examined, these "bombs" were clearly *not designed to go off, just to look scary.

The guy the FBI has arrested looks like the ideal candidate, a grumpy loner who plastered his van with GOP posters and flyers, and who sent noisy complaints to various Democrat politicians, and the media are already doing their fan-dance -- though there isn't much to go by.

I'm waiting to see the police -- and not just the FBI -- come up with some solid facts about him.

Technomad said...

The FBI has been known to make errors, sometimes spectacularly---remember that guy who found the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics? The FBI had Boobus Americanus all but screaming for his crucifixion, but, lo and behold! he turned out to be just what he had purported to be originally, and completely innocent.

And Some People have been known to gin up fake threats of various sorts to garner sympathy or rouse the mobile vulgus against those with whom they are at odds. I wouldn't be surprised a bit to find out that this guy they've been arrested has been put right into a frame, either by the Fan Belt Inspectors or by others, to get people to vote Democratic.

Paradoctor said...

“False flag” = reality denial. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor... or so FDR wants you to believe. The sun rose in the east today... but it was a fake sun rising in a fake east. Two plus two is four... according to the liberal media. Your great-great-grandmother is dead... but her skeleton is a crisis actor. And so on. Of course that’s insanity; specifically psychotic dissociation.

Paradoctor said...

Trump could announce a hit list, which MAGAbomber copied onto his van, but Trump couldn't openly publish bomb blueprints, so MAGAbomber had to rely on online blueprint files... which the Feds had already corrupted.

The trouble with stochastic terrorism is that though the Leader can guide the Minions, at first, eventually he can’t; and though the Minions can’t be linked to the Leader, at first, eventually they can. Control without responsibility becomes responsibility without control.

Paradoctor said...

Cesar Sayoc claims Seminole ancestry, which they reject; he had been a male stripper; he has multiple criminal charges, including battery, grand theft, illegal steroid use, and a bomb threat; he Twitter-posted rightist conspiracy theories and threats to Democrats; he lived with his parents or in his van; co-workers called him racist and a loner.

The van speaks volumes. Trump cultism, and targets on the people that he sent bombs to.

Paradoctor said...

Here's my conspiracy theory:
1. An orange conman issues a hitlist.
2. A thuggish loser in the conman's cult volunteers. The volunteer has plenty of time on his hands, but insufficient technical training.
3. The volunteer's bombs fail, they bear his fingerprints, and he gets caught.

This was not according to the orange conman's plans, but the conman's a chaoticist, and chaos often bites back. Oft evil will shall evil mar.

Paradoctor said...

When Jared gave a hitlist to Mister Bone Saw, who then butchered Khashoggi; but the noobie prince didn't do his dirty work at home, he did it abroad, in a bugged embassy.

So Mister Bone Saw got exposed, and the MAGAbomber got caught. Minions these days...

Paradoctor said...

And now; move over, MAGAbomber. 11 dead at a synagogue mass shooting.
No letup.

Leslie Fish said...

It turns out that the synagogue shooter didn't even *like* Trump, and thought he was being "controlled by the Jews". Sheesh! Hopefully the craziness will end once the election is over.

Paradoctor said...

Like I said, stochastic terrorism eventually goes out of control. To get any use out of it, the stochastic terrorist must take explicit control and become the real thing.

I too hope that the fever breaks on November 7. Not guaranteed.