Sunday, January 6, 2019

In Victo Veritas

The media turned the swearing-in of the new Congress into a frenetic victory-party for the Democrats -- including an hour-long puff-piece on MSNBC adoring Nancy Pelosi.  Apparently, it's possible to get as drunk on political victory as on booze -- drunk enough to lose common sense and admit to truths that do not automatically please the voters. 

There's no other explanation for Rep. Rashida Tlaib's happily obscene anti-Trump rant, at a victory party thrown by last Thursday, in which she promised: "We're gonna impeach the motherf*cker", among other things.  It didn't occur to her that along with all the supporters who cheered and clapped for her there were other witnesses with cell-phones, who made video-clips of her and put them up on YouTube, so that she had to do some quick and fancy explaining the next day.  She couldn't have been drunk on booze;  she's a loudly proclaimed Muslim. 

Likewise, Ilhan Omar -- another well-advertised Muslim who has made several borderline anti-semitic comments in public -- whose first day's work in Congress was to sponsor a bill allowing Reps to wear head-coverings, such as her hijab, in the House.  She also denounced the "PayGo" rule -- originally proposed by Nancy Pelosi -- which requires that the federal govt. must come up with a spending cut for every spending increase.  This did not look like a good first day's work to many of the voters, and a lot of them were watching.

And then there are the amazingly ignorant statements by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, which have impelled the DNC to tell her outright to please stop making speeches in public lest she embarrass them further.  None of this is concealed from the public.  It's clear that the flush of victory is encouraging the shiny-new cluster of socialist-Democrat-young-minority-women Reps to reveal too much of themselves, and too soon.  If they keep talking, they'll make Trump look good -- even on CNN and MSNBC. 

The gods know, we've seen over-eager politicians hang themselves with their own mouths before this.

The Democrats mounted a truly epic campaign to elect lots of socialist-young-minority-women to the House of Reps in the midterms election, thereby giving themselves a more-than-slightly stereotyped public image.  Now they have to live up to the stereotyping, and cracks are already appearing in the image -- and the supposed unity. 

Now this is the age of the ubiquitous camera, the all-seeing public eye, where everybody has a camera and a phone to transmit what they've seen.  This universal public eye is not controlled by any central authority -- and public manipulations, even very good ones, can't last long against the attrition of a steady rain of publicly-displayed facts.  The steady storm of daily revelations that the media has been using on Trump can be -- is already being -- used on the Democrat favorites too.  Any political weapon is a two-edged sword.

In fact, the average American is not anti-semitic nor Islamophiliac, not misogynist nor snowflake-feminist, not racist nor globalist, does not automatically hate Latinos and does not believe in open borders either -- and therefore neither falls into the Liberal stereotype nor falls for it.  Those shiny-new Reps have already revealed their real attitudes, which are not as popular as they -- and the DNC -- like to think. They won't be able to conceal their intentions constantly, and they'll be revealed, repeatedly, soon enough. Then the public disillusion will set in.  The only question is, how fast?  How long before the voters say "A plague on both your houses"?

2020 just might be a great election year for the Libertarian Party.

--Leslie <;)))><