Monday, February 4, 2019

They're Everywhere

Bear in mind that my hometown, Buckeye, is some 20 miles west from the center of Phoenix, Arizona.  It was a sleepy farming and ranching town of maybe 7000 inhabitants until about 20 years ago, when its city council decided to "upgrade" the town by giving over the northern half of its territory to real-estate developers.  In short order, a lot of old ranch-land and some undeveloped desert became a "bedroom town" of close-built overpriced houses, which raised the town's population to 40,000 -- without increasing the number of local businesses.  Apparently the inhabitants of the New Town all drive into Phoenix for their jobs.  They don't spend much of that income here in town, which is why the city government is always putting on fairs and festivals to attract spending.  The town's actual industry hasn't increased any.

Another effect of this social engineering has been an influx of the homeless.  There's a stretch of land owned by the railroad, less than 5 miles from my house, that's turned overnight into a tent/shantytown full of homeless folk.  The neighbors, whose back yards back up to the railroad, have tried giving the homeless folk flyers listing the local social services available, and also calling the railroad HQ to ask that the "squatters" be removed.  In any case, the homeless can't stay there;  winter, even in Arizona, is a bad time for living in a tent.  Besides, there's no running water out there, or sanitary services.

Obviously our town, and county, need to create more homeless shelters.  They could also reinstate the institution known as the "poor farm";  this being farming and ranch land, such a farm could actually support itself -- and possibly even turn a profit.

But beyond that, the problem of  homelessness is becoming visible all over the country.  Regardless of what the media may claim, average people can see from looking that there are a lot of homeless poor clustered around our cities and even small towns. 

The first question is, where do they all come from?  It's also visible that a lot of them are drunks and druggies;  the number of empty booze-bottles and needles obvious in the trash around the homeless encampments make that clear.  Certainly some of them are victims of their own weaknesses.  Others are victims of bad luck and economic "downturns", though the unemployment numbers have been going down for more than a year.  But there are more who are visibly illegal immigrants.  Seriously, this isn't hard to see.  Regardless of skin-color or clothing styles, people who cannot speak the local language are obviously from somewhere else.

Federal  agencies admit that the US's population right now is 327 million that we know about.  That alone gives the US the third largest population in the world -- behind only India and China.  There are also an estimated 12-20 million "undocumented" that we don't know much about.  The obvious solution is, as the old saying goes, Throw The Bums Out.  This is why Trump's Wall is gaining in popularity down here in the border states.

More to the point, the citizens were dissatisfied with the govt. long before Trump was elected (which is one of the reasons he was elected).  The growth of our economy since he got into office has mitigated the dissatisfaction somewhat, but not entirely.  The number of those homeless has only added to the problem.  Worse, anyone who chooses to look -- the Internet being not entirely censored yet -- can see that the homelessness problem is worst in those towns and counties that have given themselves "sanctuary" status, thus attracting more illegal immigrants.  It's no secret that these govts. have primarily Democrat administrations.  Not that Republican govts. look much better;  most of them are notorious for doing nothing.

The citizens are still dissatisfied.  This explains why the shiney-new Democrat majority in the House of Reps. is losing its glamour so fast.  The best propaganda-engine in the world (which, arguably, the Democrats have in the US news media and academia) can't outweigh what the citizens can see for themselves every week if not every day.  The citizens are also losing trust in the media, which explains why so many of them are losing circulation.  The laboriously-constructed wave of pro-Democrat enthusiasm that swept those new Reps into power three months ago can fade faster than it rose.

And where will those cynical and disgruntled voters go then?  Not to any political party that wants to import or allow more floods of immigrants, and not to any party that has done nothing about the problem.

If the Libertarian Party can reconsider its "open borders" policy, it just might take a much bigger chunk of the vote than it's had before, and that alone could change the political game seriously.

--Leslie <;)))><



Technomad said...

A big part of the problem is that the Democratic Party, which still dominates almost all urban areas, has decided that opposing the wall is a hill they'll stand and die on. Ever since 1972 or thenabouts, the Ds have gradually abandoned their old core constituency of blue-collar working-class Americans to go a-whoring after the hipsters and whichever minorities are most in fashion, trusting to the numbers of Americans who were still voting for FDR decades after his death to keep them getting re-elected.

These days, try to explain why we need the wall, or something effective to curb the tide of illegals (even up here in Iowa there are a lot of them!) and Democrats will stick their fingers in their ears, scrunch up their faces and yell "RACISM RACISM THOUGHTCRIME! I can't HEAR you, LA LA LA LA LA!" Most, if not all, of them (particularly those in office) would rather be caught shagging their siblings than doing anything "racist." They'd start yelling about the Ku Klux Klan, as though it were the continent-straddling power it was for a few years in the 1920s, instead of the sad, pathetic remnants that exist today (largely, at least in my view, as a trap for fools and a way to keep the SPLC raking in the big bucks), Jim Crow (which was dying when I was not yet in kindergarten), and so on and so forth.

Leslie Fish said...

Hi, Nomad. I'm delighted to see that the SPLC has fallen on hard (or at least harder) times. It's being sued for slander, the FBI no longer links to its website on the FBI homepage, and I've heard rumors that its income is down.

I'm probably giving away my age here, but I can remember -- when I was in college and running around with the civil-rights/peace/women's-lib groups -- when the SPLC was starting up and making its first headlines. My local civil-rights bunch went to study them, and what I saw raised flags; they were classic Parlor Pinks, with a nasty Marxist undertone. I warned my pals not to trust this bunch then, and apparently they saw something that confirmed my suspicions, because the whole crowd began pulling back from the SPLC.

Yes, I'm dismayed by the internal corruption of the Democrat Party. The GOP has been dying slowly for a long time, and I hold out no hope for them, but the Democrats seem determined to go down with a crash. I'm worried about the number of well-meaning people that they'll squash in crashing.

Technomad said...

In a lot of ways, IMO, the GOP never got over being blamed for the Depression. For years after 1945, there were people who were still voting Democratic because FDR was a Democrat and "he saved us all from the Depression, which the evil GOP caused!" Leaving aside the sheer insanity of believing any political party would deliberately cause anything like the Depression, blaming the world-wide depression solely on the GOP gives the GOP, IMO, credit for far more power than it could have had. And just when they were finally living 1929 down, along came Watergate. The fact that Nixon had done nothing that previous (Democratic) presidents had done did not matter; the mainstream media, the opinion-shapers, and the people who had gutted the Democratic Party to make sure McGovern got in were determined to oust him.

The Democrats, OTOH, are the "cool kids" party, no matter what foolishness they get up to. I'm afraid they'll always be with us, rather like how they say cockroaches could survive a nuclear holocaust.

Leslie Fish said...

The Dems just might be calling down a nuclear holocaust on themselves: I've seen pix where they're not only happily admitting membership in the Socialist party, but showing up in rallies with classic Communists. I mean, no-shit-Sherlock, people carrying signs for CPUSA. CPUSA! As rhymes with "losah"! I thought they'd died out in the '70s, but the Dems seem to have called them up from the grave. When news of that gets around the Internet, the idiocies of Adyslexia Occasional Cortex will be used to make jokes about the whole party.

Technomad said...

They're also pushing a "Green New Deal" that would rip the guts out of the economy in the name of pursuing an unsustainable ecological Utopia, and one of their candidates for POTUS, Cory Booker, is apparently running on a platform of getting Americans to swear off meat. It's like the party has some sort of death wish. I'll pull up a chair and watch. Who's on popcorn detail?

Leslie Fish said...

These idiots can't seem to get it through their heads that the Dems long since deserted the working class, and now the working class is returning the favor. *That's* what got Trump elected, not any "widespread racism". The more they push their agenda -- particularly since what's-'er-name Omar came out publicly as a Jew-Hater -- the more of the vote they lose.