Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Copycat", for while I'm gone

Hi, team. I'm heading off Tuesday for California, to sing at Consonance (that's at the Newark, CA Hilton, if anybody's interested), and won't be back for a week. So I thought I'd leave you with this piece to chew on for awhile. Enjoy!

--Leslie <;)))><

by Leslie Fish, © 12/4/08

Looks like a common kitten,
But seen from where I'm sittin'
She's a good bit more than that.
She's a milestone of science,
But a live piece of defiance
Of all we thought we knew of cloning:
Problem Copycat!

Proves that there's much more to growing,
And a lot more that's worth knowing
Than the cloning experts know.
For reality is sloppy;
She's not a perfect copy,
For her donor was a tabby-cat
And she's a calico.

Proves that all the hopes that move 'em
To re-nucleate an ovum
With one from another cell
Are doomed to disappointment.
There's a large fly in the ointment.
Where did that color-gene come from?
Some theoretician's hell!

Serves to warn us to be leery
Of any pretty theory
Whose sole evidence is Math;
For the bumblebee's still flying
For all of Math's denying,
And Nature's sense of humor is
As wicked as her wrath.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

About "Booze and Biodiesel"

I've been yattering for years, to anyone who'd listen to me, that the easiest way to get America off petroleum (and therefore out from under the thumbs of the Arab oil-sheiks) is to shift over to fuel-ethanol. After all this time, it looks as if a lot of people are taking up the same idea. Yes, all three of the big US car companies are now selling cars that can run on "E85" -- 85% ethanol to 15% gasoline -- at least. It's also very easy to convert an existing engine to run on ethanol: 1) set the compression at 9-to-1; 2) increase the bore of the carburetor intake-valve, or decrease the bore of the fuel-injection nozzles, by 30%; 3) replace the engine-seals with "exotic fuel seals", available from Warshawski's; 4) in cold country, add a pre-heater to the fuel line before it reaches the engine. That's it! No, I haven't yet had the $$ to convert my own car, which is a classic 1979 Thunderbird. But hey, buy more of my albums and books and I just might get rich enough to do it. Enjoy!


Got another one

© Leslie Fish 4/11/09
(TTTO “Teddy Bears' Picnic”)

If you go up on the Internet, a couple of words in mind,
If you go search on the Internet, it's wonderful what you'll find.
There's three new companies overall
That churn out cellulose-ethanol,
And three more are making
Algae-based biodiesel.

The Big Three car companies don't say, while making their bailout bawl,
They've each got models of flex-fuel cars that run on fuel-ethanol.
Why don't they tell that big selling-point?
Who's put their noses all out of joint?
And who's buying all those
Job-lots of biodiesel?

Not one Mainstream Medium
In all its tedium
Will mention what's going on at all.
Who buys that green-diesel fuel,
And all that cellulosic ethanol?
Can't you guess who's got the power
To do a censoring job as massive as that right now?
Well, where's the war and what is our enemy's
Last ace in the hole?
And we will counter that tactic... how?

So let the oil-sheiks cut the pipes and think that will slow us down.
They'll think again when booze-burning tanks come thundering into town.
Civilian markets just have to wait;
'Cause G.I. Joe has got a big date.
He's running on ethanol
And biodiesel!

He's standing tall,
He won't hit the wall,
He won't slow down
Or stop at all.
He's running on ethanol
And biodiesel.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flight 93

This song is from the album "Lock and Load" and can be ordered here

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Aztec Go Home" -- a song I came up with after reading a few too many headlines.

AZTEC, GO HOME © 8/13/07, Leslie Fish

Chorus: “Aztec, go home!” the Pueblo peoples say.

“No, you will never take our land.

Aztec, go home. Stay in Mexico.

Stay forever south of the Rio Grande.”

1)“Aztec, go home,” the ancient chieftains said.

“We used to know the Toltec folk, and traded with them well.

We saw you come and conquer them and make them worse than slaves.

You turned them into cattle, and their country into hell.

Save for Quetzlcoatl, you threw down the Toltec gods.

Now you worship gods who eat the hearts of men.

All the rest of the human meat of sacrifice you Aztecs eat,

And write your lying histories on scrolls of human skin.” (Cho.)

2) “Aztec, go home,” the later shamans said.
“Don’t cry to us for pity, now Cortez has conquered you.
The Spaniards treat you better than you did the Toltec folk;
They’ve made you slaves and peons, but they do not eat you too.
They’ve brought in tools and livestock that we Pueblos learned to use.
Did you never see how fast a Pueblo learns?
And as we take the horse and cow, we plot rebellion even now.
We’ll take back Arizona by the time the century turns.” (Cho.)

3) “Aztec, go home,” the modern tribesmen say.
“Your massive slow invasion trick will gain no victory here.
Let the greedy, guilty, White Men be whatever fools they will,
But we have played this game with you for near a thousand years.
Our own laws on our own land do not deny us arms,
And we’ll shoot you where we find you on our lands.
Let the rest of the country let itself be overrun, but yet
This much of Arizona shall remain in Pueblo hands.” (Cho.)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hello, out there! I'm Leslie Fish the notorious Filksinger, Pagan,
Anarchist, SCAdian and SciFi Fan! I asked a friend to set this up (I'm
a Toddler on the Information Highway, myself) so I could shamelessly
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