Thursday, February 18, 2010

About "Booze and Biodiesel"

I've been yattering for years, to anyone who'd listen to me, that the easiest way to get America off petroleum (and therefore out from under the thumbs of the Arab oil-sheiks) is to shift over to fuel-ethanol. After all this time, it looks as if a lot of people are taking up the same idea. Yes, all three of the big US car companies are now selling cars that can run on "E85" -- 85% ethanol to 15% gasoline -- at least. It's also very easy to convert an existing engine to run on ethanol: 1) set the compression at 9-to-1; 2) increase the bore of the carburetor intake-valve, or decrease the bore of the fuel-injection nozzles, by 30%; 3) replace the engine-seals with "exotic fuel seals", available from Warshawski's; 4) in cold country, add a pre-heater to the fuel line before it reaches the engine. That's it! No, I haven't yet had the $$ to convert my own car, which is a classic 1979 Thunderbird. But hey, buy more of my albums and books and I just might get rich enough to do it. Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Dumb question time -- once you've converted your car (Do the "new" ones need converted at all?) Where do you get the fuel?

Leslie Fish said...

Heheheheh. There are sites all over the Internet telling you where to buy fuel-grade, or cellulosic, ethanol. In a pinch, you can brew your own; there are sites that will sell you an ethanol kit -- a factory in a box -- cheap. In any state that has any farming at all, you'll find somebody making and selling fuel ethanol. It only takes a bit of searching.

--Leslie <;)))>< .