Thursday, February 18, 2010

Got another one

© Leslie Fish 4/11/09
(TTTO “Teddy Bears' Picnic”)

If you go up on the Internet, a couple of words in mind,
If you go search on the Internet, it's wonderful what you'll find.
There's three new companies overall
That churn out cellulose-ethanol,
And three more are making
Algae-based biodiesel.

The Big Three car companies don't say, while making their bailout bawl,
They've each got models of flex-fuel cars that run on fuel-ethanol.
Why don't they tell that big selling-point?
Who's put their noses all out of joint?
And who's buying all those
Job-lots of biodiesel?

Not one Mainstream Medium
In all its tedium
Will mention what's going on at all.
Who buys that green-diesel fuel,
And all that cellulosic ethanol?
Can't you guess who's got the power
To do a censoring job as massive as that right now?
Well, where's the war and what is our enemy's
Last ace in the hole?
And we will counter that tactic... how?

So let the oil-sheiks cut the pipes and think that will slow us down.
They'll think again when booze-burning tanks come thundering into town.
Civilian markets just have to wait;
'Cause G.I. Joe has got a big date.
He's running on ethanol
And biodiesel!

He's standing tall,
He won't hit the wall,
He won't slow down
Or stop at all.
He's running on ethanol
And biodiesel.

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