Sunday, February 12, 2012

Determined Ignorance

Time for another political rant, folks.

Since World War One America’s leadership, believing in the Great Progressive Ideal, has been trying to make the whole world into a modern, industrial democracy. “Be like us,” we’ve announced, “And you’ll be rich, healthy, free and happy like us.” A fine idea, you might say. The problem is that the leadership of most of the rest of the world doesn’t – and never did – share it.

As I’ve said elsewhere, “culture” is more than just the arts; it’s the way a whole society thinks – and some societies think very differently, about everything. There are some societies (I name no names) which have no concept of democracy, or the value of the individual, or equality, or justice, or the value of life itself. We simply can’t deal with such societies by assuming that they’ll be motivated by the same goals that move us. There are, for instance, many societies which can’t imagine a united and peaceful world except under their own absolute rule. Belief in the Great Progressive Ideal is, in fact, a rarity shared by only a few countries in the world. There are all too many other countries that are quite willing to mouth the right platitudes, but only so they can take money from us with one hand while they stab us in the back with the other. Bear that in mind.

At the end of World War Two, America was the only undamaged super-power – and, with our usual leftover-Puritan sense of guilt/responsibility, felt obliged to put the Great Progressive Ideal into practice. The US was instrumental in creating the United Nations, which was originally the WWII winners’ circle, but soon included everyone who hadn’t fought on the Axis side. Today it includes virtually all the nations of the world, with no real behavioral standards imposed on members. The basic idea was that if all the nations of the world could meet on some neutral ground and simply talk to each other – like civilized people – somehow all international problems could be ironed out.

Well, it didn’t work. It didn’t work then and it isn’t working now. Aside from the World Health Organization, which really has done some decent work in wiping out diseases, the UN has proved itself to be nothing more than a sandbox full of squabbling children, accomplishing nothing useful. In some cases, it has made situations worse.

The problem, again, is that not all nations – or the societies thereof – think alike, and we cannot have any unified world government until they do. Sorry. Until then, those cultures which are diametrically opposed will fight until one defeats the other. This can’t be avoided. The only questions, really, are which one will win and how bad the cost will be.

This is exactly what believers in the Great Progressive Ideal fiercely refuse to believe. This is why, despite blatant evidence to the contrary, they insist that even the most outrageous demands of truly barbarous Arab societies must be considered seriously. This (as well as money and oil) is the reason that Progressive idealists will denounce Israel – even going as far as anti-Semitism – to placate those Arabs. This is why they remain stubbornly blind to the fact that such placating and compromising only encourages such fanatics to make ever more outrageous demands. Eventually the Islamic Fascists will demand total capitulation – which not even the Progressive Idealists will give them – and when refused, they’ll go to war.

I predict that the real World War Three will be between the Islamic Fascists and the rest of the world. It’s a war that could still be avoided if America and its cultural allies reject the Great Progressive Ideal and take a realistic stance against the – let’s say it – brutal, fanatical and backward societies of the world.

Remember that World War Two could have been prevented if the western allies had recognized the threat of Hitler early enough – and acted on that knowledge. In that bitterly ironic sense, the Great Progressive Ideal has caused worse wars than it ever prevented.


Doragoon said...

A big part of a culture is it's ideas of morality and virtues. Those ideas have historically come from religion, and in the case of america, Christianity. I don't think you can discuss cultural merits without addressing the merits of the religious beliefs.

And Hitler didn't happen because the world wasn't paying attention. He happened because a lot of smart people wanted him to. If Islamic Fascists start WW3, it will not be for the same reason Hitler Started WW2. People all over the world believed in the workers' paradise that the National Socialists and Italian Fascists were preaching.

Does anyone outside of Islam believe that a global caliphate will be better than what we have now?

Or might they see that war as a way to bring down the current system and allow them to put in place their workers' paradise?

Ori Pomerantz said...

We in the US have a prejudice that everybody wants to be like us. As far as prejudices go it isn't that bad, it doesn't cause us to machine gun people, send them to a Gulag, or gas them. It even has some evidence on its side, because everybody has a cousin who has moved to the US, and we have met those cousins and they do want to be Americans. Of course, these cousins are not a representative sample, but a self-selected group.

God have mercy on the Arab world when we lose this prejudice, because I don't think we will.

Aya Katz said...

No matter who wins a global war and demolishes all opposition, there is a real danger to freedom in having a united world government. It is good that if you don't like the way of life one place, you can choose to go elsewhere. Not having that choice available to individuals and businesses will eventually, sooner, rather than later, corrupt the winner.

The same thing happened within the United States, when the tenth amendment was disregarded.

Leslie Fish said...

Hmmm, I don't think that winning WWIII will necessarily mean a global culture; if the winner is the alliance of western democracies, then the only cultures to be destroyed will be those that are diametrically opposed -- and a threat -- to the ideals of modern industrial democracy. That still leaves plenty of room cultural oddities -- such as, for example, the Amish or the Nudists or the Vegetarians or... Well, you get the picture.

Given the example of the US's past history, we can safely assume that our armies would leave alone any society that didn't fight against us.

--Leslie <;)))>< )O(

Aya Katz said...

What about people like the Branch Davidians who in 1993 were massacred by the Feds?

They didn't attack anybody. The local government investigated them and found nothing wrong. Then came the ATF!

We have to remember that even within the US everything is not always okay.