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Shameless Plug/Review -- "Eyes of the Setting Sun"

For the past few years I've been making a little extra money doing online editing, so I wasn't surprised when an old Chicago buddy -- Chris Madsen -- asked me to beta-read/edit his SciFi novel for him.  Now in all the years I've known him, more than 30 by now, he's always been a professional systems analyst, computer programmer, technical writer, and rabid SciFi fan, so I expected to find computer references in his book.  Well, that's like saying you expect to find a firecracker or two at the New York City 4th of July celebration.  Every scene, and sometimes sections of scenes, are headed by programming instructions that clarify the plot.  I've heard that programmers who pick up this book find that they can't put it down.  What's more, the main character -- surely the strangest heroine in all of Science Fiction, and that's saying a lot -- has her brain interfaced with a computer;  she refers to it, commands it, argues with it, and searches it for hidden revelations as the plot develops, and every cybernetic conversation has the solid ring of authenticity.

Half the fun of following the plot is that it zigs and zags between past and present, building a surrealistic mosaic with a clear programming guide. And all this is against the background of a dystopian future that the heroine is trying to repair with various unlikely allies and all-too-likely enemies.  Eyes of the Setting Sun is a wide-ranging, slow-building, SciFi techno-thriller with some startlingly original scenes and concepts, not to mention characters.  It's a damned good novel for a first-time author, which is why I'm shamelessly breaking the rules to tout a book that I've personally worked on.  So I'll say no more, except go to, look up Eyes of the Setting Sun and read the excerpt.  Even non-nerds will love it.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Downspiral: The Steady Corruption of Black Lives Matter

The assassin who ambushed and killed 5 cops in Dallas, Texas, claimed he was avenging Black men killed in Minnesota and Louisiana.  'Tis pity that nobody had time to tell him: "You idiot, you shot the wrong cops!"  Then again, it's unlikely he would have cared;  any White cops would have served.  The Baton Rouge cop-killer was a Black Muslim, and clearly he wouldn't have cared either.  Now everyone in America is aware of the problem of over-militarized -- and sometimes doped-up, on speed or steroids -- cops attacking, beating, and killing unarmed or otherwise helpless civilians;  for some reason, most people aren't aware that it isn't just Blacks who become victims.  Vicious cops have shown themselves quite willing to attack, beat, and kill White, Latino, Asian and Indian civilians.  Google "Kelly Thomas" and see a rather graphic video on YouTube of a retarded young White man being beaten to death by a small horde of disgustingly eager cops -- also White.  So when did this stop being a police-brutality problem and become a racism problem?

That can be laid entirely at the feet of the organization called Black Lives Matter.  Formed after the Ferguson, Missouri mess, BLM made a point of denouncing -- as "racist", of course -- anyone who tried to claim that all lives matter, and police brutality is more than a Black problem.  Now why would they do that?  Well, first they made the reasonable demand that cities with large Black populations should hire more Black cops and have them patrol the Black neighborhoods.  Then the demands got wider, and further out: universal employment, Black History taught in all schools, an end to US involvement in the middle-east, and -- after blocking traffic in a major city -- dissolution of the entire police department.  Most recently, one of their spokeswomen demanded reparations for the years of slavery: "Open your checkbooks and hand over your car keys".  The unspoken corollary is: "We'll disrupt your city if you don't give us what we want."  In other words, within a year of its inception, BLM became a Black extortion ring. 

And now they've upped the ante.  After over a year of BLM's bombast, Black extremists have taken to ambushing and killing random cops.  The perpetrators were killed in the resulting shootouts, so never had time to say they were inspired by Black Lives Matter, but they'd certainly seen and heard BLM's propaganda.  BLM's response has been rather mixed: a few standard statements about how they never said to go around killing cops and they didn't personally deal with these nuts, the usual shifting of blame to Police Racism, and so on.  They haven't been notable for exhorting their audiences not to kill cops.  The implication is pretty clear. 

So is BLM's obvious and rampant stupidity.  People at large are beginning to notice that BLM is deliberately fanning racism for fun and... profit.  Already there are grumbles to have Black Lives Matter legally declared a domestic terrorist organization, and of course those embattled police departments across the country are willing to comply.  Though BLM has no formal connection with the Black Muslim organization, their parallel rhetoric puts them in the same political camp.  Given the number of recent Jihadist attacks, in the US and elsewhere, the next step is an easy connection to make.  If BLM had wanted to call down the police -- and not just local -- on their heads, they couldn't have done a better job. 

In these days of lightning-fast mass communications, we've seen other political groups -- the Tea Party comes to mind -- corrupted with amazing speed, but Black Lives Matter didn't start that clean to begin with.  The Black Muslim movement in America has been around for half a century, and though it has kept a low profile in recent years, it's an obvious target for Jihadist recruiters.  It wouldn't be hard for the various agencies of Homeland Security to find evidence for connections, and BLM will be toast.  After that, like drug cartels in the Latino slums, they'll be heroes only to the gang-banger crowd.   

Did anyone in Black Lives Matter foresee this before it started peddling Black racism for fun and profit?

--Leslie <;)))><  


Downspiral: The Steady Degeneration of Black Lives Matter

The assassin who killed 5 cops in Dallas, Texas claimed he was doing it in retaliation for cops who killed Black men in Minnesota and Louisiana.  'Tis pity that nobody had time to yell at him: "You idiot, you shot the wrong cops!"  It's unlikely that he would have cared, anyway;  any White cop would have done, for him.  It clearly wouldn't have mattered to the Baton Rouge cop-killer either, who also was a Black Muslim.  Now we all know that the US has a problem with over-militarized -- and very likely doped-up -- cops beating and killing unarmed or otherwise harmless civilians, but when did this become a purely Black/White issue?  Those cops have also proven themselves quite ready, able, and willing to beat and kill poor Whites, Asians, Native Americans, Latinos, et al.  There's a quite graphic video on YouTube showing the beating of Kelly Thomas, a retarded White man, by a horde of disgustingly eager cops.  This is clearly not just a racial issue.

It was the group called Black Lives Matter that insisted this was purely a racial issue.  They even denounced -- as "racist", of course -- anyone who claimed that all lives matter, and that police brutality was a nationwide problem.  BLM clearly wanted to shift the public vision of the problem from police corruption to specifically anti-Black racism.  And why?  Well, originally the spokesmen for BLM stated that they wanted municipalities with large Black populations to hire more Black cops, and use them to patrol the Black neighborhoods. 

The Steady Degeneration of Black LIves Matter

Monday, July 11, 2016

Historical Essay Contest!

Well, for the second week in a row I'm posting somebody else's message, but I think this one is worth it too.  Here are the particulars:

Pro-RKBA group The Zelman Partisans is holding an essay contest. The
prize is an Israeli rebarreled Mauser,formerly Nazi-era German.


Win This Historic Israeli Freedom Tool

Enter and tell us why you’d like to own this beautiful, rare, and
historic Mauser Karabiner 98.

This rifle was born in 1940 in the factories of Nazi Germany. It was a
tool of hatred and oppression. But eventually one of those particularly
Jewish miracles possessed it.

Sometime later in that decade, after Hitler’s evil was crushed, this
rifle and others like it found their way to the hands of Jewish
liberators in Palestine. The Jews of America and Britain paid to
purchase the guns and smuggle them to their brothers and sisters in the
Middle East, defying a British embargo. Most of the Mausers that found
their covert way to Israel were Czechoslovakian. This rifle is one of
the rare few remaining that were made for Hitler and transformed by Jews.


I have no fiduciary interest.

The sheer amount of history tied up in this gun is amazing.  Please do search it on the Internet. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

A Pagan Curse Upon ISIS/ISIL/Daesh

--Leslie <;)))><  )O(

I rarely do covers of other folks' blog-posts, but this one deserves it.  Written on World Heritage Day by Aedicula Antinoi, it's the "working" part of a few "formal rituals against the bastards who think their role upon earth is to destroy the history of the devotions of their ancestors. I will not say their name in my preamble statement here, because I think it is more effective to be silent about them whenever possible, and to reserve my saying of their name for the venom it deserves, which will be mustered below."

And a splendid Pagan curse it is, too.  Feel free to use it when and wherever you think it will do the most good:

Execration of the Impious

May the poisonous spit of ten million cobras
be heaped upon the name of Daesh
and upon the heads and eyes and hearts
of everyone who masses under their banner.

May they who destroyed Nimrud and Hatra,
and who have threatened to bring low
the pyramidal jewels of Egypt’s crown
have their name ground into the dust.

Eat dust for your bread, O Daesh,
and may your only drink be vitriol,
and may everyone who says your name
spit on the ground for its impurity in their mouths.

The armies of the sand fleas have heeded
the call to arms and have inflicted you
with skin diseases–may the fleas rise again
and continue to attack your foul bodies!

You tried to destroy the city of Ninurta,
but the crowned sphinx will live again
to stride over your corpses with his strength
and to grind your bones into meal fit for hogs!

You tried to destroy all knowledge of the past,
to erase the great accomplishments of your ancestors,
but they turn their mighty backs on you now–
you are a people with no roots, no strength.

A rain of three billion stones fall upon you
from Allat, Manat, and Al-Uzza, three pillars
of strength which will never support you,
three foundation stones of your enemies returned.

Inanna daughter of Sin will bring whirlwinds of fire
upon you to scatter your resolve and your arms,
and Ereshkigal will hang you on hooks
while Nergal pisses on your shriveled souls.

From distant places Anat will rouse her armies
and bring a flood of blood upon you,
and Qadesh will dance rejoicing upon your trunks
shorn of limbs and heads and blinded in the eyes.

Syria’s Thyandrites, from Damascus,
will come again to light with his spear,
and trade it for missiles exploding with fire
burning your vile forms into shadow forever.

And she whose name has been profaned by you
and by an ignorant world, Isis Great In Magic:
when her name is called in reference to you
may her strength multiply a thousand times!

May Isis bring the Eyes of Re to focus on you
and burn through your flayed skins;
May Isis steal the vigor of your blood
and blast your kidneys and burst your livers.

And may all of the Lilitu of the deserts
converge in your dreams to drive you from sleep,
and may Pazuzu vomit upon you in your retreat
and fill your waking moments with filth.

All of this, O Daesh, be upon you
for the vanity of your vainglorious desires;
all of this, O Daesh, be upon you
for the idiocy of your actions against the gods;

All of this, O Daesh, be upon you
for the offense you have become to your people;
all of this, O Daesh, be upon you
for the disgrace you have become to your ancestors.

And all of this, O Daesh, and much more
to the number of seventy-two billion curses
by every god in every land be upon you
until your name and life is cut from the earth.

May you be spat upon, O Daesh,
May you be spat upon, O Daesh,
May you be spat upon, O Daesh,
May you be spat upon with blood!