Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Almost Desperate Drooling

As I've mentioned before, Rasty likes to sit down in front of the TV in the late afternoon and watch MSNBC for hours, laughing uproariously at all the Trump jokes.  So of course we both got to see a good three hours worth of MSNBC's pundits practically drooling as they repeated -- and analyzed to death -- the FBI raiding Trump's lawyer Cohen's office and hotel room and storage unit and grabbing everything they could find, supposedly in relation to the Stormy Daniels case.  Of course the FBI didn't say if they'd found anything juicy, but the media pundits hoped out loud for anything from more tidbits about Daniels' performances to revelations of the Russian Caper.

They did mention how unusual it was for the FBI to go after a sitting President's lawyer, and they speculated endlessly on how getting a federal judge's okay for the raid must have meant showing him oodles of Probable Cause -- specifically concern that vital evidence might disappear if the suspect's door didn't get kicked down this very night.  Oooh, with all that smoke, there just has to be a flame!

It doesn't seem to have occurred to the newsies that this was a simple case of vengeance, the FBI getting back at Trump for his shucking of Comey... and Comey's cronies.  And yes, the FBI is quite capable of such nasty vengeances, as Rasty could tell you.  ...And there are dark rumors about the "accidental overdose" death of Abbie Hoffman...

The "Deep State" -- i.e. the federal bureaucracy and its corporate friends -- as I've noted before, has its own politics, with different departments often at loggerheads.  Usually -- though not always -- the departments stay loyal to the political party that first established them, which explains why the FBI remains fiercely supportive and protective of Democrat administrations. Obama was a master at manipulating the federal bureaucracy, and he installed a lot of adoring followers in the FBI who happily accepted his own political bent.  Particularly, Comey was an Islamophiliac who invited CAIR agents into the FBI as "advisers", and wouldn't let the FBI even use the words "Islamic terrorist".  Considering where we're fighting wars right now, Comey's passion verged close to treason.  That's the real reason Trump fired Comey, and it's understandable why he didn't say so outright.  He's been busy since then throwing more of Comey's cronies out of the FBI, and the remaining cronies resent it.  That's why they raided his lawyer's office: intimidation, throwing their weight around, and hopefully grabbing something they can use against him.  I hope Cohen had the sense to keep all his important papers somewhere other than his office, or storage unit.  I suspect that, as Trump's legal fixer, he did.

And then there's the enigmatic Stormy Daniels herself, who is clearly no fool;  she wouldn't  have lasted so long and so well in the porn-film business if she were.  Certainly she has the sense not to try blackmailing a sitting POTUS, so just what game is she playing?  I suspect that the infamous $130,000 that Cohen paid her was not just for her "entertainment services", nor just for her "non-disclosure" during the campaign;  what if it was specifically to come forward and create a distraction when Trump needed one?  Heaven knows, she's provided one spectacular distraction!  She's managed to make the media almost forget about the Mueller investigation and the supposed Russian Caper --and the interesting fact that Trump has not made any effort to fire Mueller, much as the media are expecting he will. 

My take on it is that Trump has no intention of firing Mueller.  He's got Mueller right where he wants him: in the spotlight, the darling of the Democrats, watched intently to see what he'll do next.  I daresay Mueller can't scratch his butt without a dozen upper-class paparazzi counting the strokes.  Mueller absolutely can't make a legally shady move, but has to go strictly by the book.   And therefore, when Trump finally goes to talk to Mueller -- and drops the other shoe he's been holding so long about the real Russia story -- Mueller will have no choice but to clear him, and all the anti-Trump media will go into a screeching meltdown.

During the frenzy Trump will go on quietly draining the bureaucratic swamp, letting the military actually win the long war against the Jihadis, and dealing decisively with North Korea.  He'll be able to do it because he has the help, and advice, of both the military and the CIA -- two departments of the Deep State that are GOP-supportive for a change. 

Trump has always been good at playing off recalcitrant underlings against each other, and that's what I think is going on here. 

--Leslie <;)))><           



Paradoctor said...
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Paradoctor said...

I doubt that it's only about Stormy Daniels. The rumors I hear is that it's about banking fraud, and wire fraud, and campaign finance. It could be lots of things; Cohen was his fixer, and the orange conman has had lots of scams going on.

Note that Mueller handed this off to the NY cops. So if Mueller's fired, the case will go on. Also, any crimes thus uncovered will be state crimes, beyond the reach of any Trump pardons. Hooray for federalism.

And as for Stormy Daniels being paid to come forward in time to distract the news from something particularly bad for him... why now? Why not practically any time in over a year

Leslie Fish said...

Why now? Consider: what else is Trump busy doing right now? Aside from running GOP Reactionaries through his hire-fire-and-ruin-their-political-chances mill, he's been quietly replacing Obama appointees in the federal bureaucracy. He hasn't gotten to all the federal judges yet, but he's working on it. He's also (which the newsies seem to have forgotten) managed to arrange a meeting with Kim Yung-Un (with China's blessing -- despite those tariffs -- or it wouldn't have happened). And then there's the Syrian mess, which it's high time got settled -- and will be, once the military has the govt. authorization to do it (which Trump now has excuse to do). We're officially fighting a war on "Terror(ists)", right? So with a word, Trump could expand that definition to mean *anybody* who uses terrorist tactics -- including Assad, Erogan, Abbas, and that whole steaming crew. How soon the US gets hard and heavy on killing Jihadists depends entirely on how fast the military can get a huge gang of spy-drones and operators to work them, which shouldn't be very much longer.

Technomad said...

The thing is, I would bet that if the FBI raided Hillary's attorney and grabbed similar stuff, the newsmedia would be screaming their heads off about 'attorney client privilege' and suchlike things. But anything goes to get a Republican, much less Trump.

Paradoctor said...

Lately I've been reviewing Babylon 5. The Shadows were into chaos and conflict. Trump is just their kind of guy, like Londo, who wanted to make the Centauri Republic great again.

Leslie Fish said...

Heheheheh. If you're talking "chaos and conflict", then the world's champion today has to be Saudi Arabia, which has covertly funded and supplied most of the Jihadist terrorists (and other covert agents) on Earth. Londo, remember, wound up a hero.