Tuesday, September 11, 2018

More Thoughts on 9/11

Perhaps it's because I'm fighting off a nasty cold and a toothache at the same time, or perhaps it's because two of my kittens just died of scorpion-stings, or perhaps  it's because I'm tired to death of hearing CNN/MSNBC railing constantly about Trump -- I swear, if those pundits stepped in dog-sh!t they'd claim that Trump put it there -- but I am royally PO'ed about the leftists' current wail over the Fed-govt. cutting all aid to the UNWRA -- and then closing down the last PLO "embassy" in Washington.  Today, of all days!  Tell me why, as we're officially mourning the deaths of nearly 3000 innocent people killed by Muslin/Arab/Palestinian thugs, we should pity-pity those same global thugs and give them millions of our tax-dollars to keep on waging war with us!  Frankly, I think that cutting off the money to our enemies is the smartest thing that Trump has ever done.  Let the jolly jihadists go whining for money to their rich buddies in Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey for their pay-offs every time they kill an American, or an Israeli, or any other non-Muslim in the world.

Having studied these thugs for awhile now, I have lost all sympathy with them.  If I had a choice as to how to spend our tax-dollars, I'd send a few million rounds of ammunition to Israel in gratitude for the valuable service that country is doing for the rest of the world. 

It's becoming increasingly obvious that World War Three will be fought not between the US and Russia, or the US and China, or any combination of the three;  it will be fought between the Jihadists and the rest of the world  -- and anyone who reduces the numbers of the Jihadists is a friend to all of us. 

And all those leftist idiots telling us that concern with the Jihadist threat is "racism" have their heads so far up their @sses that they're coming around for the second time.

First, let it be understood that "Arab" is not a race – no matter what clever propagandists may tell you.  Along with the usual Semitic/Mediterranen types, there are also tribes of Arabs who have creamy-pale skins, red or blond hair, and blue or green or hazel eyes.  There are also tribes of Arabs who are distinctly Black.

"Arab" is not a religion, either.  There are (or were until recently) Christian Arabs in Lebanon, Pagan Arabs in the Kurd provinces, And even Jewish Arabs near what used to be Babylon. 

"Arab" is not even a language, or language family.  Folk in the middle-east speak more than Arabic;  there's Urdu and Pashti, for example, not to mention the north African languages.

What "Arab" really means is a particular culture.  This culture spreads throughout the middle-east, westward across north Africa, and eastward as far as Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Though it shares various features with its neighboring societies, it's readily recognizable and distinct from them. 

Chief among its distinct characteristics are its constant attitude of self-righteous victimhood, its eager religious fanaticism, its related disbelief in objective reality, and its particularly vicious sexism.  Most scholars blame these on Islam, but in fact they existed long before Islam was invented;  the culture shaped the religion more than the religion shaped the culture.  Note particularly how cultural icons like veiling women's heads, female circumcision, and execution of women for mere suspicion of "adultery", are not commanded anywhere in the Koran. 

So where did this peculiar cultural pattern come from? 

The answer stretches back over 4000 years, which explains the common assumption that Arabs have "always been like this".  It goes back before the beginnings of literacy itself, which is why the evidence has been dug up by the archeologists more than historians.  The earliest writings, though, include accounts of earlier myths -- which contain tantalizing hints of an earlier culture which was far different.

What we have managed to learn in the last century is that the first civilizations were matriarchal.  Before about 4000 years ago, humans didn't realize that it was sex that caused pregnancy;  people thought that women made babies by themselves, by magic.  Therefore, the only bloodline was the mother's;  all inheritance of property or rank went through the mother's line.  From a "great mother" ancestor of a tribe, to a divine Great Mother of all humanity, to a Great Mother Goddess of all life were easy steps.  Artistic images of Great Mother Goddesses have been found all the way from Britain to Mongolia, Scandinavia to Africa, dating as far back as 25,000 years. 

Between 4000 and 5000 years ago, it changed.  Humans learned, most likely from observing domesticated animals, that sex is necessary for breeding – therefore, males had a share in the next generation too.    

How people reacted to this knowledge varied widely.  Some cultures moved smoothly toward ambiarchy, steadily giving men – and male gods – more social standing.  Others insisted on turning their societies upside down, elevating males above females and reversing the previous moralities;  where the matriarchies had been largely peaceful, increasing their wealth and influence with trade, the new patriarchies became fiercely warlike and imperialistic.  Over the course of nearly 2000 years, the warlike patriarchies conquered their neighbors and enforced their New World Order on most of Europe, Asia and north Africa.  The history of this conquest was brilliantly revealed and detailed in Merlin Stone's classic book, "When God Was A Woman".

Until about 30 years ago, archeologists assumed that the cultures which chose warlike patriarchy all came from the Aryan tribes along the northern tier of Europe and Asia;  Dr. Marja Gambata even traced the pernicious attitude to the Kurgan culture of eastern Russia.  Further diggings since then, however – including the famous Grave of the Amazon Queen found in western Mongolia – show that this wasn't the case.  The northern Aryan cultures were ambiarchal down into historical times.  The warlike patriarchies which swept down into Greece, Crete and Mycenae were "northern" only in relation to the Mediterranean, having come the long way around the Black Sea.  The warlike Aryans who swept into India around 1700 BCE were likewise "northern" only in relationship to India.  The Hyksos who conquered Egypt came primarily from the east.

It turns out that the real epicenter of warlike patriarchy was a place called Eridu, just east of the juncture of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in present-day Iran.  However subsequent capitals of empires shifted, the center of the warlike patriarchal culture was in the heart of the middle-east.  There it has remained to this day.

This explains much about Arab culture ever since.  First gods dethroned goddesses, then eliminated them altogether – culminating in the institution of a single all-ruling god who demanded his worshipers conquer/convert the world for him.  Women were progressively stripped of all social rights, ending as chattels – even regarded as soulless animals, who could be slaughtered at will.  War was valued higher than trade, to the point were trade came to be regarded as only a subtle form of warfare.  The need to justify the almost-frantic sexism in the face of facts led to the assumption that the laws of nature are not fixed – the foundation of science – but only the whim of the ruling god, who can change his mind if bribed with enough prayer, piety, and human sacrifices.  Likewise, when the world, and the facts, refuses to go one's way for all one's piety, it must be somebody else's fault – and thus the sense of outraged victimhood, which in turn justifies any action against that perceived somebody else.  Historically, all these elements where already present in Arab culture long before Mohammed was born;  the religion he invented only gave them all a unifying excuse.

For the sake of world peace, we must totally eradicate Arab culture itself.  If that means eradicating every last Jihadist in the world, then let's rev up the factories and start turning out the ammunition.  The bums deserve it.

--Leslie <;)))><

Monday, September 3, 2018

Monkey, Pig, Bitch?

Some years back I spent a week staying at the home of my recording engineer, Gerry Tyra, while we laid down tracks on an album of my songs.  His family didn't care for smoking, so I would go out on the porch of his fenced-in back yard whenever I wanted to light up.  When I did, one of his enormous Great Danes would happily accompany me.  It was usually Jasmine: a coal-black, wonderfully friendly, boisterously playful and dolefully stupid female. 

One day, no longer satisfied with having her velvet ears ruffled, Jasmine made a galumphing circuit of the yard and ended by ramming into a garbage-can by the fence and tipping it over, whereupon she happily plunged into the fallen can, digging for treasure.  Annoyed at the mess, I put out my cigarette and tromped over the the fallen can and yelled at Jasmine:  "Oh, get out of there, you stupid black bitch!"  Jasmine retreated, but only a yard or so, and I started shoveling the garbage back in the can.

What I hadn't known was that, at the same time, a Female Person of Color was walking past in the alley beyond the fence.  She overheard what I'd said, assumed I was talking to her, and promptly started a shouting-fit about racism, sexism, and calling the cops.

I stood the garbage-can back up, climbed on top of it and looked over the fence to see an irritated woman in a flashy dress practically dancing in outrage.  In vain did I explain that I hadn't been talking to her, didn't even know she was there, and had been yelling at a dog.  Oh no, if I even used "those words", I simply had to be a White(!) racist who was insulting her.  I was obliged to haul Jasmine up onto the garbage-can (no easy feat) to where she could be seen, and point out directly that yes, Jasmine was black, and stupid, and a bitch -- a female dog.  To prove that last point, I had to drag Jasmine around, hang her hindquarters over the fence and lift her tail -- and I suspect that the sight thereof was what made the woman give up on her tirade and walk away.  ...Either that or the fact that I had demonstrated enough physical strength to lift and haul a Great Dane...

Anyway, I went back inside and told Gerry my tale.  He chuckled, and mentioned one time when he was at work, had been talking to a co-worker about his dogs, and one of the women in the office stood up and noisily protested his use of the "offensive" word "bitch".  Calm and cool as always, Gerry had asked if she would be equally offended if he'd spoken of a hen, a cow, or a mare;  "those are the proper dictionary terms for females of their species, you know."  The woman retreated, grumbling that it was still "offensive". 

I remembered that whole business earlier this week when I learned that some politician (Republican) was accused of "racism" (by the media) because he'd commented: "Let's not monkey this up".  Gee, would those same talking-heads have objected to the terms "monkeyshines", or "don't monkey with that", or "a monkey-wrench in the works"?

I even heard about some high-ranking police official who objected to the word "pig", in a context which had nothing to do with police.  And of course professional Muslims do the same. 

Nowadays it's fashionable and profitable to be easily offended, especially if you can claim "offense" against somebody from a different political party (or ball team, or rival company).  It's even popular to claim that words do just as much damage as actions -- and that way lies disaster, especially if the definition of any word depends on the "feelings" of the beholder.

Look, I've been a writer and singer all my adult life;  I've made my name and fame and living off of words -- and I know their definitions, and powers, and limitations.  I can tell you from a lifetime of experience that words are not actions, and they have no more power than the listener chooses to give them.  I could stand on a busy downtown street corner and holler "Kill the governor!" and nothing would happen, except that I'd be laughed at... or maybe a cop would eventually come by and tell me to keep my voice down.  I can email "Hillary is a pig!" all day, and she will definitely not grow floppy ears or a curly tail. 

I have to wonder if this worship of the "power" of words isn't an artifact of class.  People who  have grown up in a... hmmm, certain culture wherein they have only to express their wishes and somebody will hurry to comply, tend to assume that this state of affairs will continue when they grow up.  For them, The Word is The Deed -- and oh, the shock and outrage when they learn that it Ain't Necessarily So. 

And there's an even darker underside to it.  What must somebody think of themselves, that every time they hear the words "bitch", "monkey", "pig", "black", or whatever, that they automatically think it's applied to themselves, and can actually harm them?  What kind of psychological weaklings is this culture breeding?

One has to wonder how this certain culture, and its assumptions, has come to be so powerful in the US today.

In any case, it's ridiculous and it's got to stop.

--Leslie <;)))><