Saturday, February 29, 2020

Some Facts on the Corona Virus Family

Hi, team!  I'm back at last -- or rather, my new second-hand computer is (mostly) up and running, so I can get to my blogsite again.  'Tis pity I was kept out of it while so much was going on.

Among other things, Alan Dershowitz won the virtual Triple Crown of lawyering: getting Von Bulow off on a charge of murdering his wife, getting OJ Simpson off on a charge of murdering his wife, and getting President Trump off on a charge of "abuse of power".  The Democrats and their media-flacks went into hysterics, and promptly started looking for another reason to go after Trump.  Anybody who watched the Iowa Caucus chaos -- not to mention the debates since -- couldn't help but notice, while the Democrat candidates were busy savaging each other, that the only consistent policy they have is to Get Trump.  The only candidate with a complete platform is Bernie Sanders, and his platform sounds like a Turbotax ad: free-free-free everything and pure fantasy on how to do it.  As a result, Trump's popularity in the polls is rising and the Democrats are looking for ever-more-far-out reasons to denounce him.  Their latest ploy is puffing up a panic about Corona virus, and how it's all Trump's fault that we're "not ready" for it, and the whole world could be infected in no time.

Okay, so time for some facts about Corona virus.  First, "Corona" is the name of a family of viruses -- six of them, including the far more dangerous SARS and MERS, a couple of harmless cold viruses, a bird flu that affects poultry, and the current celebrity Covid-19.  There's some evidence that getting infected by any one of them will grant at least partial immunity against the others.  There are unconfirmed rumors that SARS and MERS were developed as germ-warfare weapons, by persons unknown, and that Covid-19 was likewise weaponized by the Chinese -- at Wuhan University -- until it got away from them.  In any case, medical researchers have been studying SARS and MERS for years, looking for vaccines and cures.

The poultry-attacking species of Coronovirus came to the attention of Israeli medical scientists years ago, Israel having a large poultry industry.  Those Israeli researchers have already come up with a vaccine for that virus -- which they say can be adapted to protect humans against Covid-19.  They'll have it ready for human testing in 90 days.  It's likely that Trump knew about that, through his clever Jewish son-in-law if nobody else, when he made his optomistic speech that the media are now sneering at him about.

In any case, think about those Israeli scientists and their 90-day promise.  The US will certainly buy that vaccine in job-lots, with much thanks.  China will certainly do likewise, while keeping quiet about it.  But what about other places?  Iran is currently one of the countries with the highest rate of Covid-19 infection, and other Arab countries aren't far behind.  Will they put aside their "Zionist"/Jew-hatred and accept the vaccine?  Or will they refuse to contaminate the Faithful with any vaccine invented by Jews, as they've often refused to accept blood-transfusions from Israel?  I expect that they'll claim the wicked-wicked Jews invented the virus precisely to infect the Faithful, or at least get rich selling the vaccine.  Perhaps they'll quietly buy the vaccines from China.

As for the Democrats, they'll have to find some other excuse to attack Trump, and there's no doubt they'll come up with something, but I doubt it will make much difference.  I notice that some of them are already claiming that the 2020 election will be "stolen", probably because they already know they're going to lose.

The Covid-19/Coronavirus scare may take longer to sink down to reasonable levels, considering who has reason to keep fanning the flames.

--Leslie <;)))><