Saturday, June 20, 2020

Wretched Excess: Thug Cops, BLM, and Some Realistic Solutions


THEY set the slave free, striking off his chains...
Then he was as much of a slave as ever.
He was still chained to servility,
He was still manacled to indolence and sloth,
He was still bound by fear and superstition,
By ignorance, suspicion, and savagery...
His slavery was not in the chains,
But in himself....
They can only set free men free...
And there is no need of that:
Free men set themselves free.


We've now had nearly a month to observe the corruption of Black Lives Matter (never mind Antifa!) and to see where it's going.  We've also seen various local politicians perform amazing fawning obeisances and make ridiculous promises, which have done nothing to stop the riots, looting, burning, ridiculous demands, and some really ludicrous vandalism.  To date, BLM mobs have pulled down statues of Robert E. Lee, George Washington, Francis Scott Key, Father Junipero, and -- if you please -- Ulysses S. Grant.  They've also graffitied statues of Lincoln, and I suppose it's only a matter of time before they find some excuse to pull those down too.  Add this to the number of Black businesses BLM's riots have destroyed, not to mention killings of Black civilians, and it's not surprising that the Black community is slowly but surely turning against BLM, Antifa, and the politicians who kowtow to them.

The most visible of BLM/Antifa's wretched excesses, the Seattle Experiment, has already started collapsing.  There was a gunfight in the CHAZ (recently renamed CHOP) zone wherein two residents were shot, and the BLM "enforcers" wouldn't let the city police come in to investigate or rescue the wounded.  Now the oh-so-compliant mayor is insisting that the city won't defund or disband its police force until the killing has been "investigated" -- which will be a bit difficult with the police not *allowed* to investigate.  Meanwhile, more city service workers are refusing to enter the "autonomous" zone, which means that nobody but local sympathizers are bringing in things like food.  Soon enough the city services -- like garbage pickups and water delivery -- will start breaking down, and that will be the end.  The governor is promising to take the zone back, but hasn't said just when.

Meanwhile the core problem that set all this in motion -- racism in the police departments of perhaps a dozen major US cities -- is under intense scrutiny by various federal bureaus, including the FBI, and a pattern is beginning to emerge.  Surprise, surprise: the problem is not racism but class-ism.  Thuggishly-inclined cops have been caught abusing visibly poor and working-class citizens of all races, with the curious exception of Asians.  As Ben Shapiro merrily pointed out, this means that there is no "White privilege", but "Asian privilege" -- and that the Founding Fathers were rich Asians, and the Constitution was written in Korean.  Yup.

The grim figures, meticulously collected and grudgingly revealed by the FBI, show that Blacks are not more likely, per capita, to be killed by police -- but are more likely to have confrontations with police, more likely to commit felonies, and more likely to be killed by other Blacks than by all the other races put together.  A similar pattern appears among Latinos, but much less severe;  it's usually blamed on Latino culture.  No less a researcher than Prof. Thomas Sowell likewise places the blame for Black troubles squarely on Black culture itself ("Race and Culture: A World View", available on  This fact is not lost on the Black community, as viz. Chris Rock's famous rap, "Black People vs. Niggaz".  The problem is what to do about it.

One reliable method to change a culture is to get to the kids, early.  Teach them, starting in grade school, that if they don't want to be poor there are three simple rules to follow: 1) Stay in school until you graduate High School;  2) Once out of school (or even sooner) get a full-time job and stick with it (at least until you can springboard it into a better job);  3) Don't baby-make until you're married.  To which I would add a fourth: 4) Don't do anything stupid in front of a cop.  

Now any inner-city kid, Black or not, should know what "anything stupid" means, but for those who are slow on the uptake this would include: ripping off anybody, picking fights, just plain attacking other kids, smashing up other people's stuff, and generally committing crimes.  For adults, I would also add: mouthing off to a cop, running away from a cop, and picking a fight with a cop.

When approached by a cop while walking, and s/he clearly wants to talk to you, just stop, look puzzled, and ask "Can I help you, officer?" S/he'll probably want to ask questions, so answer politely and as briefly as possible.  Take care not to lie outright;  s/he may already know the answer, and be testing you.  You can, however, downplay.  If s/he asks you "Do you know Mr. XYZ?", and you do, shrug and say: "Somewhat.  Why?"  S/he may actually answer you, but the answer may not be true;  cops are legally allowed to lie to civilians, but it's a crime for a civilian to lie to a cop.  One thing you can almost always say honestly is "I don't know where he/she is" -- because you never really know where somebody is at that very instant (unless, of course, s/he is in the very next room and you just walked out of it).  If the cop then gets tough, grabs your arm and starts slapping the cuffs on you, ask -- if s/he doesn't say it right away -- if you're under arrest.  99% of the time the answer will be "yes", whereupon s/he'll have to read you your "Miranda Rights", which mostly consist of telling you it's legal for you to say nothing.  Make use of that right!  Say "Then I have nothing to say until I talk to my lawyer", and then shut up until  you really do talk to your lawyer.  If s/he says anything else, the situation has gone definitely weird, so play it by ear.  Just don't start a fight;  that's a quick way to get killed.  If s/he starts to rough you up, go limp, shut up, and play dead.

When pulled over by a cop while driving, stop as soon as there's a safe space, lock up all the doors and roll up all the windows, leaving only an inch of space at the top of the driver's side window, and then turn off the engine.  Keep your hands on the steering-wheel except, if it's dark, use one hand to turn on the overhead light -- and then put it back on the wheel.  When the cop walks up, ask "Hello, officer.  Why have you stopped me?"  If s/he says something like "Do you know how fast you were going?" (answer: "No, I had my eyes on the road") or "Did you know your right taillight is out?" (answer: "No.  When did that happen?") s/he probably doesn't have a serious gripe with you.  If s/he goes straight to "License, registration and insurance-card", s/he may be planning to have a bit of fun with you, so don't say anything, but use one hand to dig up your papers and shove them out the barely-opened window.  If s/he asks you to roll your window down, it means s/he wants to stick his/her head in and sniff for alcohol or pot.  If you're pretty sure that your car doesn't smell of those, go ahead and roll the window down -- but otherwise keep your hands on the wheel.  (It's a good idea to keep the car smelling of really strong chili peppers, to discourage sniffing.)  If s/he orders you out of the car, look puzzled but say nothing, turn off the overhead light, and get out.  If s/he pats you down, just shrug and put up with it.  From that point on, proceed as if s/he'd stopped you on the street.  If s/he starts to rough you up, go limp, keep quiet, and play dead.  Again, don't say anything until you talk to your lawyer.  Remember, all cop-cars these days have cameras, and there's usually a second cop in the car.  It's important to look good on the camera.  Let your lawyer sort it out later.

When a cop comes to your door, everything depends on whether or not s/he knows you're inside.  If the cop doesn't know you're inside when s/he knocks on the door, you can get away with pretending to be asleep and just not answering the door;  the cop will either go away or knock your door down.  If s/he-or-they knock your door down, act startled and amazed, as if you'd just been awakened, and then proceed as if you'd been stopped on the street.  If you really are asleep and are awakened by your door being knocked down, do not promptly reach for anything resembling a gun;  that's an excuse for a cop to shoot you.  Grab a phone instead, dial 9-1-1 and yell that there are burglars breaking into your house;  sic the cops on the cops and leave them to argue with each other.  Now if the cop does know you're inside (say, s/he's seen you through the window, or you've been making noise), you'd best answer the door and proceed as if you'd been stopped while driving.  Do not try to run out the back door or hop out the window;  there may be more cops waiting there.

This is how not to do something stupid in front of a cop.

Now to be fair, the cops do get pummeled with a lot of criminal and political crap, and the current AntifaBLM campaign is a fine example.  The FBI could tell you that the half-dozen cities with the worst crime-rates, corruption-rates, police-brutality incidents and highest Black populations are all run by Democrats;  there's obvious political profit in blaming all their other troubles on "police racism" and then throwing the police departments to the wolves by simultaneously appeasing (in public) and encouraging (in private) the AntifaBLM crowd.  Never mind that those cities also have a large percentage of Black police, politicians, and civil bureaucrats;  "police racism" is the trumpeted villain of the day.  So what's an honest cop to do?

It depends on the severity of the public Moral Panic.  In cities -- like Seattle --- that have gone off the deep end, threatening to not just de-fund but disband the police and their union, the best immediate solution is to go on strike.  Go on strike for a month -- first warning the citizens about how to hire private security and how to organize a proper Militia to protect themselves -- and meanwhile get moonlighting jobs as private security.  Soon enough, the citizens will want you back, and the city govt. will have to negotiate.  Points of negotiation: 1) There will be no more talk of disbanding or de-funding the police and replacing them with "social workers";  2) There will be no more talk of destroying the police union;  3) The police department will be streamlined, bureaucracy trimmed off, and useless feel-good requirements -- like "sensitivity training" -- thrown out.  In return:  1) Police shall wear body-cameras at all times on the job -- cameras which cannot be turned off or taken off until end-of-shift;  2)  Police shall be lavishly armed with stun-weapons -- hand-stunners for close range, stun-batons for middle range, and Tasers for long range -- and trained with them to the point where reaching for a stunner becomes automatic (regular clubs and firearms will stay locked in the squad-cars);  3) The department will hire more Black cops, and set them to patrolling Black neighborhoods, and the same for Latino cops and neighborhoods (no doubt there will still be "brutality" incidents, but then nobody will be able to blame them on "racism");  4) Choke-holds and "no-knock" raids will be banned.  Police in cities where the Moral Panic hasn't gotten that bad can negotiate these changes without any need to go on strike.

These changes will require matching changes in tactics, especially when dealing with the AntifaBLM crowd, which will not give up its power easily.

Instead of the "no-knock"  raid, for example, use a planned surround.  First, make certain the suspect really is inside.  Study the targeted building thoroughly, using camera/spy drones if possible, and place police at every usable exit beforehand -- without letting the target inside know.  When the trap is tightly set, have a well-armored cop go up and boldly knock on the door and announce him/herself -- and then quickly step aside from the door.  If a shower of bullets comes through the door, promptly stab the nozzle of a tear-gas emitting sprayer into one of the new holes, and turn the sprayer on to maximum.  When the frantic coughing has gone on for a minute or so, knock the door down and run in;  nobody will be able to see well enough to aim.  That's what tear-gas is good for.  Don't use gas canisters;  those things tend to start fires.

On the other hand, when dealing with an oncoming mob of thugs throwing rocks, bottles, etc., there's a better method than tear-gas or rubber bullets.  Form a line,  raise shields, and fire a line of smoke-grenades in front of the mob.  From the moment the smoke rises, the crowd won't be able to see well enough to throw anything.  At that point, pull out the stun-batons, turn them on, and wade into the smoke swinging the batons back and forth at waist height.  A stun-baton is charged all down its length beyond the grip, and when it touches any part of a human body it will zap them unconscious or near it.  This is hunting by Braille, since neither side can see the other, but the stun-batons have the advantage.  Keep moving forward until the entire crowd is zapped or fled.  Once the smoke clears, cuff all the snoring bodies and stuff them in the paddy-wagons, and tote them off to jail.  Let them wake up in the cells, facing charges.

Likewise, when dealing with an unruly suspect, a single well-connected ZAP will safely put him/her down with no serious injury.  It's remotely possible to kill someone with a stun-weapon, but it's very difficult.  Just be sure you're wearing gloves if you're touching the suspect, lest enough current get through the suspect's body to numb your arm.  There's no need for the choke-hold, really.

And all the state and municipal govts. in the country must legally declare Antifa and BLM to be "domestic terrorists" and treat them accordingly for the sake of the public peace.

--Leslie <;)))><   




Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Sheep from the Goats from the Dragons

It hasn't been so many years since I went marching in the streets, along with several thousand close friends, protesting for civil rights, peace, women's liberation, Gay rights, the ecosystem, the radical labor movement, and a few other similar causes.  I've marched on more demonstrations than I can count, most of them large, a few of them enormous.  I've seen how they were organized, how well they served their purpose, what enemies they had and how we dealt with them.  In time, I learned to recognize the techniques.

Early on, we learned that the cops -- however much they might hate us -- weren't the main enemy.  They might charge into us  without warning, swinging their clubs with fierce abandon, but there was a simple defense against that -- one that I wish the continuing Black civil rights organizations would teach their followers everywhere: go limp, shut up, and play dead.  This worked, both because it left the cops with no legal excuse -- in front of cameras, yet -- to keep on beating us, and also because "dead" prey is no fun to play with.  A bit of body-armor took care of the rest.  This is why, as I've said elsewhere, as much as the cops truly hated us, very few peace-et-al marchers were actually killed by them.

Far more dangerous were the opportunistic thugs, who hid among our ranks until and unless we came past cars and buildings with smashable windows and appealing loot inside -- including easy victims to attack for fun and profit.  We soon learned to identify these, partly by the way they dressed (scruffy, with only a few slogan-buttons or a single slogan-shirt, and few or no picket-signs) but by the way they acted.  The serious protesters walked with a steady economy of movement, and even when chanting we paced our breathing, because we expected to march a long way -- and we kept our eyes on the streets ahead of us, watching for police or other obstructions.  The thugs couldn't seem to chant the slogans without throwing in assorted obscenities and threats, and they couldn't seem to march more than a few paces without darting off to the sides to check out the cars and buildings as we moved past.  These were dangerous because they would not only stain our reputations, at a time when we were trying to win public sympathy, but because they'd also draw the cops down on us.

We dealt with them by tightening our borders, often by joining hands, so that the thugs had difficulty getting out of the body of the demonstration and even more difficulty getting back in.  Thugs separated from the mass were very visible to the cops, who also seemed to recognize thugs by the way they behaved and would react accordingly.  Interestingly enough, the thugs never seemed to pick up on the protesters' tactic of go-limp-shut-up-play-dead, but would always yell and fight -- with the expected consequences.  Good riddance.

More dangerous still were the False-Flag provocateurs.  These were harder to spot, at first, because they knew the right way to dress, chant, and move -- but they'd show their true colors as the demonstrations proceeded.  By subtle degrees they'd work their way to the center-front of the crowd and move with a little more tension, swing their arms a little more fiercely, chant a little louder, and then -- by starting up when the rest of us had finished chanting a slogan -- begin leading the chants, adding slightly more aggressive words, a little louder and faster than before.  We noticed that they'd also carry things with them -- like bottles -- that could be easily thrown.  If left unchecked they'd effectively herd the other marchers into the police lines, and then throw rocks and bottles and curses until the cops attacked.  This, of course, would turn the march into a jolly brawl -- in front of the cameras -- that got our people injured and discredited the whole demonstration.

We learned to deal with this by exposing them.  Whenever we spotted someone exhibiting the known characteristics, we'd turn and point to them while yelling: "Imposter!  Imposter!"  This drew them to the attention of both the cops and the cameras, which spoiled not only their plans for the demonstration but their anonymity.  Once their faces and names (and intentions) were known to the cops and the media, their usefulness was ended;  they had no choices except to duck out of sight, get new identities and new looks, and try again in some other state.  Eventually we found some of them, years later, working for various police forces or other government offices -- where they'd come from in the first place.  I suspect that a few of them went on to private practice.

So I recognize what I've been seeing on the news for the past week.  There are the serious protesters, whose purpose is both to win sympathy for their cause and show the numbers of their sympathizers;  they're readily identifiable by their steady marching pace and their hands full of picket-signs.  Then there are the opportunistic thugs, carrying maybe one badly-printed sign for every ten of them, but with lumpy pockets.  Finally there are the provocateurs, who often show up hours before the demonstration to plant bags of rocks, bottles, explosives and more at strategic points along the line of march or the targeted streets nearby.  Everybody has seen their antics by now.

The honest protesters can certainly tell who's who, and have begun to complain, loudly -- especially since the thugs don't just attack police cars or police stations, but go after storefronts great and small, with a nice disregard for who owns those businesses.  A lot of Black shopkeepers who have been looted and burned out by the protest-parasite thugs are speaking out, noisily.  (  Still more small business owners, of all colors, have armed themselves and formed local mini-militias to defend their shops and neighborhoods. (

What makes these protest marches different from their earlier counterparts is the sheer number and organization of the provocateurs.  They've learned how, when, and where to call up large gangs of thugs at an hour's notice, which is a remarkable feat even in these days of cell-phones and the Internet.  This kind of organization and planing didn't spring up overnight;  it's been years in the making.  Now who could -- or would -- have done that?

The most obvious suspect is the infamous Antifa, which has performed similar antics in public for years, thus earning itself a federal designation as a domestic terrorist group.  Antifa members are primarily White middle-class and college age, if not actually college students themselves, and they've shown remarkable cleverness in manipulating the media, intimidating and extorting local governments and school administrations.  This skill could also explain the sudden appearance of the so-called "Boogaloo Movement", whose website purports to be politically right-wing.  Given its members' actions during the current riots, it's very possible that they're actually False Flag actors, trying to shift blame for Black rioters onto supposed White right-wingers.  We've seen that done before.     

But it's swiftly growing apparent that Antifa isn't the only major actor in this campaign.  Black Lives Matter, formed during the Ferguson riots of a few years ago, started out at least trying to look like a respectable civil rights organization -- and certainly sold that image to the media.  Very soon, however, the opportunities for extortion -- "Give us what we want or we'll throw riots in your city" -- corrupted the organization into the Black working-class version of Antifa.  By the time of the Charlottesville protests the two were working hand-in-glove, often riding to the same demonstrations on the same chartered busses.

Most recently, the thugs have been showing up wearing BLM-labeled shirts for their looting-parties, and even when attacking police.  In St. Louis, a brazenly BLM looter has been arrested for murdering a Black retired police captain who was helping a neighbor defend his store.  Other cities report BLM rioters attacking Black police and even civilians who stood between them and the loot, thus proving that it isn't Black lives that matter to them, any more than Antifa is really anti-Fascist.  The excuse for their indiscriminate smashing/looting/burning, according to thugs willing to speak to actual reporters, is that "It's all slavery money.  We're just getting our own back." -- a slogan first invented by BLM pundits.  If Antifa has earned legal standing as a domestic terrorist organization, then BLM deserves the label too.

But this only moves the question back another step.  The well-developed strategy and tactics of BLM and Antifa have had considerable backing from somewhere, and not just money from intimidated liberals.  Usual suspects include the Socialist Democrats, who have been busy bailing out jailed looters, and there are the usual accusations against George Soros and his numerous organizations, but there's no solid proof.  The chief question is motivation.  What would Soros or the Democrats have to gain by all this disruption, aside from possibly making Trump look bad? 

There's a hint from Australia, of all places, where a major Muslim preacher brags that the riots provide an "opportunity" for Islam to take over as the major political power in the world.  (  This certainly is a believable motive, and the various Jihadist organizations and governments certainly have the money -- and the patience -- to have created Antifa/BLM and set up this whole campaign.  We know that the Jihadists have been trying to recruit American Blacks at least since the 1950s, when the self-named Elijah Muhammed invented the Black Muslim movement.  Certainly the Jihadists have had plenty of time to analyze and exploit the social psychology of Black Americans.

The question is how they learned to understand and manipulate so well the social psychology of White American liberals.  That implies longer and more intimate knowledge of the American psyche than the Jihadists have ever allowed themselves to learn.  Who else in the world would have that?

I'm remembering that at the height of the Vietnam war the furthest-out of the leftists began pushing and peddling Chairman Mao's famous Little Red Book, and I wondered about that.  I mean, there was no great ethnic or political group which had any love or loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party, and the Vietnamese themselves wanted nothing to do with China, so where did this push come from?

The only logical answer is that the Chinese government itself  thought that this was an opportunity to infiltrate and manipulate the US through its younger and better-educated class, who already had a history of strong leftist sympathies.  It didn't work then, as note John Lennon's famous line: "If you go carryin' pictures of Chairman Mao, You ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow."  Nonetheless, the Chinese govt. is nothing if not patient, and it has maintained its network in the US ever since.  The war's end and Nixon's trade offers gave China an opportunity to play economic warfare on a previously unheard of scale, and of course there was always the liberal/college-age group to exploit.

Certainly China would profit from disrupting the US by any means;  ever since the Ming dynasty China has been devoted to conquering the world by any means available, and its biggest obstacle for the last 30 years has been the US.  The only problem with using huge excited crowds to disrupt the US economy and legal system has been the difficulty with recruiting the Black community especially, and "People of Color" in general.  Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, and other Asians have no great sympathy for China.  Even Chinese-Americans have no great sympathy for China.  The solution to the problem would be to use a cat's-paw, an intermediary who already has a sizable following among ill-educated Blacks and worse-educated White liberals -- someone like the Jihadists.  Little though China loves Muslims, as viz its treatment of the harmless Uighurs, the Jihadists would still be useful.  It would also further China's interests to get a lot of people out into the streets, packed close together, shouting slogans, breathing in each others' faces, while the Corona virus is still flying about unchecked.

Whatever the US intelligence agencies know, and have not made public, it's clear that the most likely culprit behind the carefully sculpted "civil unrest" in the US is the government and the Communist Party of China.

Just what to do about it is another story.

--Leslie <;)))><