Saturday, March 27, 2021

Creating Victims for Fun and Profit

Ten days ago in Atlanta a vicious lunatic shot up three massage parlors, killing eight people (including a handyman and a bookkeeper) -- six of whom were Asian-Americans.  According to his own statements he killed them because they were "tempting" him, and he was ashamed of his "sexual addiction".  Atlanta residents, on learning that he was a member of the local Baptist church, are talking about whether or not to sue that church for not getting the man psychiatric help, or at least reporting him to the police as potentially dangerous, or for teaching him such sick hatred of his own sexuality in the first place.  In my not-so-humble opinion, the plaintiffs have a good case there;  sex-hating religions have done severe measurable damage and encouraged a lot of murderous sexual abuse -- as shown by some of the nastier customs in the Arab countries.  This could have led to some serious discussion of sex-hatred and woman-hatred generated by religion, and just how these religious attitudes need to change.

Ah, but nobody -- outside of Atlanta, anyway -- considered this problem.  Instead, the mainstream media yelped about "anti-Asian hate-crimes" and "Asian victimization" (neatly ignoring the victims of the rampage who weren't Asian).  This is distinctly odd, seeing that the media have an overwhelmingly leftist/Progressive/Socialist-Democrat bias and have spent the last year quietly supporting the "anti-racism" movement and its academic excuse, the Critical Race Theory.  Until now, the Critical Race Theory has been equivocal about Asians, embarrassed by the fact that Asians -- while obviously not White -- have been quite successful in America, often more successful than Whites.  As Ben Shapiro has repeatedly noted, Asian-Americans tend to have higher high school grades, higher rates of high-school graduation, higher rates of college acceptance, higher college grades, and even higher median incomes than Whites.  This rather spoils the CRT claim that "systemic racism" in the US favors Whites above "People of Color", which is a euphemism for "non-White".  For awhile CRT supporters claimed that, having "absorbed" the characteristics of "Whiteness" (including things like respect for science, valuing education, belief in hard work and meritocracy), Asians were in effect "honorary Whites".  

But now, with the Atlanta massage-parlor massacre, the CRT pushers have their answer.  Oh no no, Asians aren't successful honorary Whites;  they're Victims Of Racism, along with Blacks, Latins, Native Americans, and anyone else with skin darker than an Icelander's.  To prove this, the mainstream media spent the next week running around collecting stories about Anti-Asian Hate-Crimes, anywhere they could find them, even delving back into the Japanese internment camps of World War Two, or the anti-Chinese laws of 19th century California. And of course there were the usual talking heads, weeping copiously of how Asians felt "oppressed" and "afraid to step outside" and the usual comments about the "brutality" of American society -- all because of "White racism", of course.

Then, just a couple days ago, another murderous lunatic shot up a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, killing ten people -- including a state cop.  The police moved in quickly, there was a chaos of gunshots, and then a local new camera showed them coming out with a limping man in handcuffs. The man had dark hair and moderately-pale skin under the overcast sky, and nothing else could be told about him at that distance.  Nonetheless, the mainstream news stations promptly announced that the shooter was White, therefore "probably inspired by the Atlanta shootings" and of course a "racist" -- and the usual comments about the "systemic racism" of American society.

Ah, but then the police released more details;  the shooter was a Syrian Muslim immigrant who was "an admirer of ISIS", and the store he shot up was a kosher grocery.  Oops.

His brother tried insisting that the man had always been "mentally unstable" and "paranoid", but that got less notice in the mainstream media than the craziness of the Atlanta shooter.  Instead they followed Biden's lead and went howling off about "commonsense gun control", with the usual lies about the US being the only "civilized" country where such things happen, and the "systemic violence" of American society.  

The machinegun-mouthed Ben Shapiro said it most succinctly;  when there's a serious crime, if the perpetrator is White the left will cry about racism, but if the perpetrator is non-White the left will cry for gun control.

Now the modern left's passion for gun control, under any name, is understandable.  Look at the incomes of leftist pundits, and you'll see that economically they're upper-middleclass and up.  In medieval times they'd have been called "lesser nobility" -- with, of course, constant hopes of becoming greater nobility.  The nobility have always tried to disarm the peasants, for fear of peasant revolts, while keeping armed guards for themselves.  

The American revolution and the coming of democracy allowed, if not outright required, the "peasants" to be armed.  The covert nobility has been trying to reverse that shift ever since, obviously against the wishes of the peasants, so the peasants have to be persuaded to give up their weapons on their own.  This has proved to be difficult, since even the stupidest peasant can see the advantage of being armed, and the observed facts ( create a strong counter-argument to the best of disarm-yourselves propaganda.    

Since the old arguments haven't worked very well, the speakers for the covert nobility have spent the last five years and more coming up with a whole new scenario: that the US is fundamentally evil -- "systemically racist" -- that White people (about 70% of the population) are all basically evil  (sexist/homophobic/transphobic/xenophobic/Islamophobic and above all racist), and therefore can't be trusted with their Constitutional rights -- certainly not with effective weapons, and not with free speech because words alone are "hurtful".  Even keeping quiet is not defense, since the Snowflake Agenda holds that "silence is violence" too.  Nothing but total capitulation is acceptable.

This tactic is rooted in leftover guilt about slavery (which has been dead for 150 years), and to racism afterward.  Therefore, anything the political left doesn't like must be branded as racism -- and its preachers will go to amazing lengths to connect the two.  For example, guns are evil because police use them to shoot Black people -- but this runs into the fact that Black people also kill Black people, with guns or without.  Likewise with guns are evil because mostly White people own them -- but unavoidable news photos show that plenty of non-Whites own guns too.  In the current case the claim is that guns are evil because they were used in both of these most recent mass-murders, implying that Asians are particularly victims of shooters -- but this doesn't work with anyone who remembers the Los Angeles riots of a few years back when Asian shopkeepers got on their roofs with rifles to defend their homes and shops from rioting Blacks.  No, linking anti-racism and gun control just doesn't work that well.  

Right now the Democrats have apparently given up on trying to combine the two tropes, and are working on them separately.  Biden has declared an Executive Order banning various models of firearms, and the lower-ranking leftists busy themselves with pushing the HR-1 bill on the excuse of combatting racism.  

All that has changed, really, is that now Asians are firmly ensconced in the Wokey-doke pantheon as People of Color, to be used like the rest -- not as having "assimilated Whiteness" by being successful in a "systemically racist" country.

--Leslie <;)))><