Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sore Losers

    "Cet animaux, c'est tres mechand.

    Quand on l'attaque, il se defend."

It's not surprising that assorted Islamists all over the world have spent the past week attacking Jews and stirring up their gullible minions to do the same.  After all, in a single brilliant move the Israel Defense Force destroyed an underground fortress that took the Palestinians several months and three billion dollars to build. 

Hamas, the ruling party of Gaza, had dug and supplied a system of tunnels and caves along the border with Israel, in preparation for a massive assault -- which they expected they could pull off with impunity now that Biden is in the White House and making friendly moves toward Iran.  The Israelis knew about it and had mapped the complex pretty accurately.  When the Gaza irregular army lobbed a couple thousand rockets into Israel, the IDF loudly --- and confusingly -- announced to the news media that it was planning an "action" on the border and assembled a lot of tanks and rocket-launchers there.  The media happily blatted that information to the world, including Gaza.  The Hamas troops heard the word and predictably ran into the bunker to hide.  Then, instead of rolling over the border, the IDF launched a heavy barrage of bunker-buster rockets directly into the ground above the underground fortress;  this collapsed the whole complex, neatly burying all the cached weapons hidden there and the troops that had planned to use them.  The whole operation took less than two days.

Understandably annoyed at being so well tricked, as well as losing all those troops and weapons, Hamas went to its patrons in Iran and asked for help getting revenge.  Iran, eager to flex its muscles, activated all its influences/minions -- political, propagandistic, and terrorist -- to attack not only Israel but all Jews everywhere.      

Thus we have the spectacle of the UN's Human Rights Council creating its first ever Commission Of Inquiry to "monitor and report" on rights violations in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank -- and nowhere else.  Not surprisingly, the session and resolution were arranged by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation: a collection of Muslim countries which have strongly supported the Palestinian Authority for years -- but, curiously, have said nothing about China's mistreatment of the Uighurs.  

We also got to see the infamous Alexandra Occasional-Cortex and Rashida Tlaib introduce legislation to try to stop the US from providing the Israeli Air Force with the precision-guided missiles that allow it to pinpoint military targets, reduce civilian casualties, and shoot down attacking missiles with its Iron Dome system.  Neither of them mentioned the Hamas rocket attacks on Israel -- some 4000 of them by now -- which deliberately target Israeli civilians and provoked the IDF's response.  We've also seen Tlaib's ally and Bernie Sanders' former campaign surrogate, Amer Zahr, insisting: "Stop condemning anti-Semitism.  Say 'Free Palestine' and nothing else."  

Other members of Congress have likewise repeated the provable lie that Israeli forces, responding to the Gazan rocket barrage, have "targeted innocent civilians", despite repeated evidence that the Israelis make extraordinary efforts to avoid civilian casualties.  There's an audio recording ( of Israeli forces warning a Gaza landlord to evacuate his building because it's going to be bombed, and the landlord refusing to remove even the children because dead civilians "expose" the Israelis' "cruelty".

We've also seen news media lie shamelessly to encourage hatred of Israel, as could be expected seeing how Iranian agents regularly seduce news company staff ( and use social media to encourage violence -- against Israel in particular, Jews in general, and even against pro-Israel reporters (  And of course the usual pro-Palestinian flacks in large cities did their usual noisy protests (  

What's unusual this time is the number of blatantly pro-Palestinian attacks on Jews around the world, from Los Angeles to Germany, Tokyo to London (  According to the FBI ( Jews have been the most common victims of hate-crimes for many years, but before now the perpetrators are assumed to have been neo-Nazis or other right-wingers.  Now it's clear that the attacks come from Palestinians and their supporters (, including BLM and Antifa.  The "Progressives" are showing their true colors.

What's remarkable about this anti-Jewish/Israel campaign is its organization.  From politicians and media CEOs to students and street-thugs, Iran is activating its agents around the world.  Clearly this is Iran showing its muscle, hoping to intimidate any ally or sympathizer of Israel.                

The problem with this tactic is that it can backfire seriously.  In a world where public cameras are everywhere, the active thugs/protesters are readily recorded and their pictures handed over to the police -- who can then hunt them down.  At a time when all political groups and political celebrities are intensely watched, they're also readily identified.  It isn't difficult to trace the violence back to its sources, which inevitably lead back to Iran.  This does not make more people love the Palestinians, or the "Progressive" Left.  Groups which were already pushing back against the Socialist Democrats' agenda now have added ammunition -- and more sympathizers.

Besides, the Jews themselves are no longer accepting this situation.  In recent days the street-violence has become no longer one-sided, but active brawls between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel "protesters" (, and the police are growing more actively involved.  Intimidation does not work well on Americans, and the tide of public sympathy is turning against the Palestinians, their patron, and its minions.  

The US government's official position is to demand a cease-fire, which Israel will observe, but the Palestinians certainly won't -- not for long, anyway.  When the Palestinian Authority/Hamas/Hezbollah break the cease-fire, as they inevitably will, Israel will be justified in pounding Gaza to rubble -- and the Palestinians won't have much sympathy from the rest of the world.  

Neither will Iran.  Neither will their "Progressive" supporters.  Hamas and friends will end by paying a high price for their revenge.

--Leslie <;)))><         



Friday, May 14, 2021

On Gender

The other day I came across an Internet news article that I thought had to be a joke, but on checking out the story I found that it was true.  At least two states right now have fierce internal battles going on over bills that would make it illegal to perform trans-gender treatments on pre-pubescent children without their parents' consent.  That's right: pre-pubescent children.  Apparently there really are people actually fighting to stop this bill.

I don't know who came up with the idea that kids under 12 have enough knowledge to choose gender-reassignment treatment, but they were idiots.  GR transition requires puberty-blocking hormones, which also interfere with growth, and have permanent effects.  The surgery renders the patient permanently sterile, and inevitably cuts nerves.  Children may be very intelligent, but they're unavoidably ignorant;  there's no way a pre-pubescent child can appreciate the profound effects of gender reassignment.  Yes, the parents should damn-well be consulted.  So should the kids' psychiatrists.  For that matter, the people opposing the bill could benefit from psychiatric help too.

Of course, even parental approval is no guarantee.  Just a few days ago a BBC talk show featured a couple who were quite happy with their baby girl choosing to transition to a boy at the age of two.  The father said outright that biological sex and gender are different things, and the show's host sneered at society for putting children in "a girl or a boy box".  I seriously doubt that a two-year-old has any idea about what "transitioning" to the opposite sex entails.    

Frankly, the Transgender "Movement" has gone over the edge on this one.  In fact, I think it's gone over the edge by considering itself a political "Movement" in the first place.  Note that the same people who think it quite all right to be any gender you want to have been known to raise holy hell about people trying to be any race they want to -- even though changing one's skin-color, hair-texture or nose-shape requires much less major surgery or chemical treatments than changing gender.  Obviously something more than just gender dysphoria is going on here.

Now certainly there are people who simply can't shake the feeling that they were born in the wrong bodies, either for genetic reasons (such as inheriting three chromosomes: XXY or XYY) or for longstanding psychological ones, and no other treatment than gender reassignment will do -- but normally such cases are rare.  There aren't enough of them to form a community, let alone affect local or larger politics.  

That's what seems to be the point.  After two years of watching the successes of political hustlers like BLM and Antifa -- not to mention a year of being locked up at home for fear of Covid-19 -- it's understandable that discontented people would envy the power, the excitement, the sheer fun of rioting in the street (not to mention the pleasures of self-righteousness, of being morally superior to everyone outside the "movement").  All that's needed is a cause -- any cause -- a big enough crowd and sufficient outrage.  It takes time, and judicious use of the Internet, to raise enough numbers and outrage to create a "Movement";  it also takes a lot of smaller "actions" as training-runs.  This explains such peculiarities as cyber-mobbing anyone who mistakenly calls an old but transitioned acquaintance by their "dead" name, or people who were born and raised male for the first 20+ years of their lives "transitioning" to females and then competing in women's sports where they sweep the boards.  These look like deliberate provocations, meant to advertize a political movement, rather than attempts to secure everyone's equal rights to be treated decently and otherwise left alone.  

The movement itself has become more important than the cause, to the point of turning on its roots and allies.  It grew out of Gay Lib, which in turn evolved from Feminism, which historically began in the US beside Abolitionism.  When slavery ended (at the cost of more than half a million American lives) and Abolitionism progressed into the Civil Rights movement, it should have stayed allied with Feminism, especially after women won the vote in 1920.  Unfortunately, cracks in the alliance soon appeared, largely due to destructive elements in Black culture -- as detailed in Prof. Thomas Sowell's book, Black Rednecks and White Liberals -- which still afflict it today.  During the '60s opposition to Women's Lib was actually greater than opposition to Black rights;  note that the Civil Rights Act passed in 1964, while the Equal Rights Amendment failed -- despite the fact that women well outnumber Blacks in the US.  Nonetheless, both groups made steady gains via court cases through the '70s and '80s, gains enough to encourage a still smaller group -- Gay Liberation, comprising at most 10% of the population -- to likewise push for equal treatment, and by the same means: largely through the courts, based on the Civil Rights Act, otherwise through the media.  By the 1980s all three groups were pretty evenly accepted by, if not assimilated into, mainstream American culture under the general label of "liberalism". 

Only the extremist fringes of all three movements had any argument with each other, usually over degrees of assimilation.  All three fringes wanted to push their own values and tastes onto the mainstream culture, and their tastes were often at odds.  Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, for example, was fiercely sexist -- and Farrakhan was working hard to become a national celebrity.  It didn't help that the Liberal political faction was developing a fringe of its own that was growing more and more at odds with the majority of the population.  Although the concept of equal rights for everyone was commonly accepted in America, the beginning of the '90s was not a good time to launch yet another sex-based political movement, especially one that involved less than .5% of the population and was not particularly popular with the previous three equal-rights campaigns.                        

Recent history shows that the Transgender Movement added to its numbers by going after the media, first advocating tolerance -- which was no problem by itself -- then touting various transitioned celebrities.  This didn't gain much steam until after Trump was elected, whereupon the movement joined the noisy anti-Trump faction and its push for "intersectionality": an attempt to collect everybody who didn't vote for Trump under one roof.  Only then, assuming safety in numbers, did the movement start pushing "gender-fluidity" and transgenderism for children.  This, in my not-so-humble opinion, was a serious mistake -- and may prove to be the key to shattering the whole Socialist-Democrat/Progressive/Liberal faction.  

First off, "gender" and "gender roles" are two very different things.  Various societies around the world and throughout history have viewed the sexes very differently, with far-reaching consequences.  For the last two millennia most societies have been patriarchal, but before that there were a good number of matriarchal and ambiarchal societies -- and there still are a few in odd corners of the world today.  A vastly underrated study, The Dominant Sex by M. and M. Vaerting, details how this difference in attitude affected not only the laws, politics and economies of those societies but the very size and shape of their individual peoples.  Archeologists have noticed that, among the ancient Teutons, Celts, and the very ancient (before 1000 BCE) Spartans, it's difficult to tell the skeletons of the adult males from the adult females without DNA tests because they're of generally equal height and muscle-attachments;  clearly they were given the same food, physical exercise, dress and expectations from infancy.  Ancient writers from those periods also tell that among those tribes the men and women were equally tall, equally strong, dressed alike and had similar work.  In a truly egalitarian society there's no advantage or disadvantage in being of one sex or the other -- or, we can assume, in being of one race or another;  therefore there's no reason to envy a different gender, or race, or want to become of that gender, or race.  Such envy, or desire, is normally the result of social inequality.  

I can support this from my own experience.  When I was little, I'd go to school in the prescribed skirt and blouse and leather shoes -- but as soon as I got home I'd change into bluejeans, T-shirt and sneakers, and run outside to play with the other kids, who were mainly boys.  I didn't do it because I thought I was a boy (I knew perfectly well that I wasn't), or because I wanted to be a boy (who wanted a body that was clumsy, smelled bad, and had its tender parts waving in the breeze, at just the right height to be kicked or poked or snagged on thornbushes?);  it was because I wanted to be treated like one.  I wanted to be a default-setting human being, allowed to run around in the woods and climb trees and play with big dogs, not subject to disgusting "lady lessons" (remember those?) or required to be fragile or scolded for mussing my clothes.  In short, I wanted equality -- plain and simple.

This is where the Transgender Movement collides with Feminism, Black civil rights, and the real intentions of all those citizens who voted not so much for Trump as against Hillary or Biden.  Black culture in America today is still infected with patriarchal sexism.  Women's Lib is still mainly devoted to equality of the sexes.  Mainstream society is still horrified at the idea of children "transitioning" and all that entails (which includes effective castration).  I can understand real transgender people wanting to be part of an exciting "movement" rather than a tiny minority, but by insisting on adding to their numbers by enlisting children to the cause they've gone well over the line.  The reaction just might blow the whole Progressive alliance apart.  

If that happens, the alliance will deserve it.

--Leslie <;)))><      




Sunday, May 2, 2021

Advice for Cops

As most of you know, I've been an ideological Anarchist all my adult life.  I've also done my share of marching in the streets -- for peace, civil rights, and labor causes -- and had a thwacking acquaintance with many cops thereby.  I also lived for 12 years in Chicago, about which no more need be said.  As a natural result, I have no reason to love the police.  

On the other hand, I'm also a realist.  I know as well as you that, at least until we can create an efficient militia system to replace them, we need local police to protect the citizens from crime -- usually by catching the criminals after the fact and locking them up where they can't get at their victims.  We've also seen, over the past few months, what happens when the police are pulled back or constrained -- by various politicians -- from doing that job.  I won't go into the complex politics of why the police are being thus constrained, even threatened with "defunding" or actual "disbandment", but in all fairness I'll make some suggestions as to how the police themselves can improve this situation.  I've mentioned some of these before, but they're worth elaborating now.

How to deal with the "defund/disband" campaign:  

Go on strike.  

Seriously.  Announce the strike at least a week in advance, very publicly, and give the public warning.  Also tell the public how to defend themselves while you're out on strike.  Give them instructions on how to get together and hire private security-guards, and especially give them training on how to organize, arm and train a proper citizen Militia.  With luck, they'll know how to maintain such a Militia even after your strike is over.  Meanwhile, while out on strike, moonlight as private security guards.

Insist that you won't return to work until the people -- not the local government -- bring up a petition asking you to return.  Then insist on your demands.  These should include no more talk about "defunding";  instead, increase the police department's budget and spend every penny of the increase on purchasing -- and intense training with:

    1)  Stun-weapons -- stun-guns, stun-batons, stun-shields, wired and wireless tasers.

    2)  Also  improved high-volume smoke-grenades rather than tear-gas.  A cloud of smoke is much less likely to cause fires or blow back on and incapacitate your own troops. It can, however, keep rioters from seeing where to throw firebombs and bricks.  Police armed with stun-shields and stun-batons can safely charge into the crowd and "hunt by Braille" until the rioters are all down and snoring.

    3)  Likewise MAVs -- miniature solar-powered spy-drones, easily disguised as large insects (I'd recommend the North American Silk-Moth) or small birds (I'd recommend Hummingbirds) -- which can deploy above the crowd, pick out which marchers are carrying bricks, acid-bottles and firebombs in their pockets and backpacks, and get pictures of them.  MAVs can also fly high above the crowd to see which way it's going, and which way spin-offs from the crowd are going, and report back to a centralized computer in a mobile command-center.

    4)  Improved police armor, including polarized clear face-shields to prevent blinding by laser-beam, improved breathing filters, and more extensive body-cameras.

Also demand immunity from Critical Race Theory "Sensitivity" Training, which creates racism rather than curing it.

Once granted your demands and back at work, use some of the increased funds to hire more Black cops -- also Latins, Asians and Native Americans if they'll take the job, but definitely enough non-Whites ("People Of Color") so that every cop on the street is paired with at least one non-White.  This won't prevent accusations of Police Brutality, but at least it will guarantee that the accusers can't fall back on "racism" as an excuse for getting reduced charges, political clout and money.  

Be serious about creating, organizing and maintaining those civilian Militias;  you'll need their help against the crooks and politicians.            

Don't bother talking to the media;  they'll never believe you anyway, and they're likely to twist whatever you say into supporting their own political agenda.  Also pass that word on to your Militias -- and listen to what they have to tell you in return.  Make a habit of recording and filing whatever citizens say to you;  you never know when it will come in handy, as in the case of the Boston Marathon bombers. 

These tactics will, at best, create the efficient Militia system that we need.  At worst, it will damn-well improve police/citizen relations.  Remember that, no matter how well propagandized by politicians, "activists", the media, academia and the entertainment biz, average people trust in what they see and hear for themselves.  This has been the downfall of many a tyrant -- and crook -- before this.  Take it from a practical Anarchist.

--Leslie <;)))><